Thursday, 28 April 2011

Love Love Love Boux Avenue!

Not tried my purchases yet but the Lakeside Store is amazing! It's really pretty inside and the sales assistants are really helpful.

Must make sure I don't go there too often but wasn't bad getting free knickers with a bra! Would have been £40 but the offer took it to £28 and it looks much more than that!

Lovely nightwear too! Shame my birthdays just gone :(

Christmas List.... Boux Vouchers!

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Its like putting my make up on blind when I'm not wearing my contacts but can't be bothered today! Did put some Avon Smooth Minerals powder foundation on but not good idea while wearing a black top! It looked good until I put my glasses on then saw a patch of foundation on my cheek obviously where I first put the brush onto my skin so got another brush out to frantically even it out.

I think I'm quite liking it but not 100% sure yet.

Hey-ho off to work I go! Then trip to lakeside tonight to spend my £5 voucher after donating clothes to Oxfam (M&S stuff) hope they have the Lisa Snowdon dress in M&S in my size!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My OPI Katy Perry Nails

My New Blog!

I already had a blog on here which I started specifically for Avon products, offers etc but it's now starting to get most and more posts which are non-Avon related so.... I've started this blog to run alongside it!

This blog will probably contain a lot about my nail varnish obsession (mostly Nails Inc and OPI) and other stuff.

I'm now having to wait to post this blog as 'my toolbox fell and hit the trip switch in the electric cupboard'.... Lee's just fitting a new electric meter that came today. By the way it was my toolbox otherwise known as my Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream make-up bag full of floral tools! (Lee recently got his own tool box but it isn't pretty like mine!)