Monday, 20 June 2011

Baby Foot update

Feet still peeling (have been fir 7 days, 14 days after applying) but no baby softness noticed yet..... Can't really notice any difference :(

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Monday, 13 June 2011

Nails Inc Wraps Update (yes another one)

They're lifting :( probably ok for 'occasions' but housework doesn't mix with the :( probably be brilliant on my toes and theyll last forever (well a few weeks) or fine if using on false nails, but on really nails (unless you have mega hard nails) natural nail movement makes them lift and I'm forever pushing them down and water gets in the creases where they've worn.

For occasional wear on nails 8/10
For daily use 6/10

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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Nail wrap results!

They weren't too hard to apply but I'd definitely buy a glass nail file next time to smooth the ends of the wraps. The only pain is it's mega hard finding the right size wrap! I have a few that are just a few mm too small on the right hand as it's hard to guess the size without sticking them on. The pack says there are enough for toes too but lots were too small for my fingers so not sure the ones I have left will fit all my toes but that's another days job.

Fingers crossed these now last!

Nails Inc Nail Wraps

This will go 1 of 2 ways.... Amazing nails or Sara throwing a strop and chucking them and the hairdryer across the room!

I'm doing them in the bedroom as Lee is on the PS3 and don't think he'll appreciate the hair dryer going on and off.

I brought the purple leopard print ones while on a dash to Boots while at work to get Strepsils due to a sore throat and cold.

Fingers crossed this works....then fingers crossed they stay on my nails for a few days at least!

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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Baby Foot Update... Day 3

Still no sign of peeling yet but reading the box it says: 'dead cells will become dry between 3-7 days after initial application' so I have up to 4 more days to wait.

*sits and waits*

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain

I saw this online and thought it looked nice and may help me out of the whole 'I want something on my lips but nothing sticky and I want it to last' problem.

I tried Avon's Ever Lasting Lipstick and Glosses but didn't like them and they didn't last.

I went into Boot and they had £2 off of this, but the problem was there were no samples and the colours all looked really bright. I'd taken my Fiance with me and he didn't really help me with advise on what colour to get (well what would he know about lipstains!) so I finally went with the palest/natural I could see which was Beloved.

I tried it when I got it and it was a bit tricky to apply with the nip, so I tilted it and used the side of the pen and this worked great as it was fast even coverage.

I left it to dry for 30 seconds and then put the balm on top. It looked great! I love this as the balm isn't sticky and I can still kiss my Fiance without him pulling a face due to sticky balms/glosses or rubbing his lips to take the lipstick off of him.

I've worn this a few times and it looks natural and brightens my lips as they are usually quite pale. It also usually lasts all day too which is great for work!

I'll definately be buying this again.

Boux Avenue Stuff Arrived Wednesday

The gift box

Inside the gift box
I LOVE my new jumpsuit. I prefer it to my pale blue one as this one is a different material and doesn't act as velcro to the bed! It's so cosy!

I love the box it came in too and how it was packaged! It came with the lovely White Chiffon scented petals too!

If you like the White Chiffon scent (the smell you can smell in Boux Avenue Stores) they currently have 1/2 price off of their body washes, soaps, hand washes, body creams, hand creams. My mum kindly brought me the body wash and I brought the hand wash both of which are lovely!

I'm just waiting for my diffuser in my room to run out and then I'm buying the Boux Avenue White Chiffon reed diffuser, room scent and candle! (yes I'm going to town!... although it will cost me over £50.... as the diffusers are £20 each) but its so worth it!

Baby Foot Update

I took my booties off after 2 hours (with the help of my helpful Fiance) and then washed my feet off. They felt all wrinkly like I'd sat in a bath too long.

I've taken before photos and will take photos each day something happens (ie when they start to peel) my main concern with my feet is my big toes as they have mega hard skin at the side where my feet rub on my shoes so hopefully this will sort my feet out.

Right foot on Day 1 straight after washing the Baby Foot gel off

Close up of right big toe and the hard skin I want to get rid of

Left foot on Day 1 straight after washing the Baby Foot gel off

Left big tow with hard skin.

The Packet of Baby Foot

Nails Inc - QVC Purchases - Update

My Nails Inc polishes came 2 days after ordering them and I was very happy with the colours. All bright and one dark brown one.

My sister currently has the pink shade (Strawberry Hill) as she is borrowing it.

I've so far now worn all the colours apart from Strawberry Hill as I gave it to my sister the day I got them.

This is Haymarket and is a nice bright plum colour.

Sorry photo is from my iphone so its not really bright on the photo and I have the living room light on as it's dark. I gave my mum my camera to take to Rome with her so sorry for the bad quality photo.

The other day I wore the green, Spring Mews, to work and its a brightish minty green and on co-worker said how bright it was! It certainly is brighter on your nails under bright lights.

This pictures is more like the actual colour. I quite like this colour and was looking for a colour like this for ages.

I really love these colours and have been wearing Nails Inc Soho Silk under them with Brixton topcoat which makes them nice and shiney.

The wear on them is usually 1 - 2 days with a bit of chipping and a lot of chipping if I wash my hair (strange but true). Although yesterday I wore the brown shade (Maple Street) and it chipped within a few hours :( and it was very noticable as its very dark brown, almost black looking in dull lit areas. I think it's mostly due to wearing the Soho Silk though as I find although it strengthens my nails, my varnishes slip off and peel quicker.

Really loving this set though, and for £19 it's amazing!

Baby Feet - foot peel system

So I'm sitting here in my maxi dress and lees socks.... I'm trying out baby feet, a foot peel system where you wear plastic booties filled with a special liquid, you wear them for 2 hours and then about a week later the dead skin peels off to reveal smooth baby smooth feet.