Friday, 28 September 2012

Cookie Monster Cupcakes!

Just a quick post to show the cupcakes which I made for my sisters 21st today. Very yummy!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Another purchase from Create and Craft...but it was needed!

I got my Create and Craft membership a month ago and although I don't usually like couriers delivering (and Create and Craft use couriers) however so far the couriers have actually left items with out neighbours which I am grateful for, but still don't really like having to rely on them (so far of the three items order, only two have had to be given to my neighbours, two different ones).

The items I've brought from them were some SWALK decoupage toppers, the free members gift of Kanban Christmas toppers and some card blanks. 

Last night I happened to log onto their website and saw that the pick of the day was some Kanban toppers in a set for men and a set for women. I thought the set for mens cards looked good from just the picture on the site (shown below) but was kind on trying to be good and not actually buy and more craft things for the moment, although I find it hard to find things for mens cards and I think people will get bored soon getting the same mens cards all the time!

This morning I ended up buying it and then an hour later watched the show and saw it had just sold out! So very glad I got it as it looks like a really set of toppers and backing sheets. There are 40 sheets in total with toppers and backing papers with images of golf, rugby, football, gardening, cars, music and many more! One set of toppers is very Ed Hardy with some black glittery skulls.

I can't wait to get this and start making some nice mens cards! At the moment my mens cards are very plain and usually just have 'happy birthday' on or some mice blowing out a cake! 

The set was only £22.49 and there are so many toppers I'm not going to be stuck for male cards for a very very very long time!

If you want to buy this set, they are still selling the 'so macho' set along with the ladies set 'so feminine' at the blockbuster price of  £31.48 for club members here which is great value (I only needed male toppers so thats why I didn't get the joint offer)

Kanban have such quality die cuts and you just need to cut the little notches out and the images virtually all have foiling or glitter on too. I can't wait to get these and make some cards! I'll post when I've got them and show some of the things I've made.

Images from Create & Craft TV

Images from Create & Craft TV

Crafty Creatives Box 3 #ccbox3

Yesterday my Crafty Creatives box arrived! Luckily the knock on the door woke me up as I'd over slept (luckily I wasn't at work that day but had to get up to get ready to drive to London for the hospital).

I opened my box quickly while getting ready, saw it was oriental and read that there was 4 metres of red card..... I wondered why and then realised it was red CORD!

When I got back home after my shopping trip.... Sorry hospital trip (my hospitals are both nearly nice shops) I looked at the box quickly while my husband went to get the Chinese for dinner and laughed when I saw the fortune cookie which I put on his place (when he got in I told him to 'eat the f***ing cookie, owner not waitress' from Mickey Blue Eyes).

Above shows the contents of the box which included red cord, a red wooden bead, replica coins, Japanese peel-offs, origami papers, needles, wooden doll peg, red dragon material, a fortune cookie (eaten already...whoops, so it's not in the picture), symbols, new year papers and the kit! I'm thinking of making a doll with a kimono with the red material but not 100% sure yet.....
The kit contained everything to make a little note book. I've just made mine and it took an hour to make (I did it while my sister was on her driving lesson).

I did mine a little different and perforated the paper so I can tear the pages out if I like.
This is what came in the kit, plain paper, string, patterned card and a bamboo skewer.

The paper and card after cutting to size
Perforating each piece of paper for the inside of the book
I then had to make holes in each piece of card and paper and used the needles from box 3 (which was really handy and meant I didn't have to get my sewing box out). I used the square of foam I use for stamping as a base to help push the needle through.

I then used the curved needle to sew the thread through the pad. The circular one was really easy to thread through.
My finished notebook! I knotted it on the back and glued it and then the knot came undone :o( so got the trusty pin-flair silicone glue out!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Etsy Shop Now Open

Click here to view my Etsy Shop 

I have a few handmade toppers available and other papercraft items. More to come soon!

Blog Sale - Card Toppers - Bags

I made quite a few bag card toppers the other week and have used some but now have surplus amounts.

These will be going on Etsy but if you wish to purchase any they are 30p each through my blog plus postage of 60p for people in the UK. If you would like postage prices for overseas please let me know. Pictures are below of each one I have for sale.

The mat they are on shows the sizing as every small square is 0.5cm

If you would like to buy one please contact me via with which one(s) you would like and I'll email you a PayPal invoice.

Once sold the pictures will be removed.

Above - Yellow Swirl
Above - Surf Star
Above - Pink Flowers
Above - Green Swirl
Above  - Yellow Surfboard
Above - Hessian Basket Bag
Above - Stripe with Flower Button
Above Green Swirl 2
Above - Blue Flower with Flower Button

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Kanban Create & Craft Members Gift

I received my Kanban papers from the Create and Craft Members Gift last week and yesterday popped into the study with the intention of making a birthday card and ended up making Christmas cards with some of the Kanban papers and die cuts! I'll load photos shortly but have just painted my nails and don't want to mess them up (trying hard not to hit them on the keys as I type!)
Create & Craft Kanban Members Gift (some still remaining for members as at 09th Sept 2012)

I ended up making 3D dangling bauble cards from the circular dies from the kit. I wasn't sure how to use them first as they were some small circles but got my Fiskars Ultra Shape Xpress Cutter and stencils and cut circles out of the from of my cards, larger than the circular dies cuts, and then dangles the die cuts with some bakers twine I got from Papercraft Inspirations magazine.

I've gone through my craft stash and added a few more things on eBay including the hessian from Crafty Creations Box 2 as I can't find much I want to make with it so thought I'd sell it rather than just hoard it! Its only 70p on eBay at the moment 

I've just used my £10 voucher from my Create and Craft membership to buy a pack of 100 mixed card blanks and envelopes ready for Christmas! Only cost me £6 (including postage) with my voucher :o) very happy Sara. Now must stop buying craft stuff! 

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Items for sale on eBay

I have a number of craft item on sale on eBay. Some are made by me and some are bits I don't use.

Most items are 70p-99p with a few over but nothing over £5. It's only a few pieces and hoping to add more on my week off next week.

Snow White Charms/Keyrings - 99p each with 4 for sale on separate auctions

Snow White stamped and coloured images, 5 for 99p (two separate auctions). You can make lovely cards with these like the example below.

3 x London Line Sporty Bird Swimmer Decoupage 70p (for 3!)

Crafters Companion SWALK and Spectrum Noir colouring guide CD-ROM usually £14.99 but selling for £5. Brand New! 

See-D's Groovie Grannies Stamps - 99p

Posting links shortly

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Woohoo - I won another crafty prize

...but this time for my sister :)

DoCrafts had their weekly Facebook competition where you have to say what you would do with the crafty prize.

Last weeks was a complete card kit which I thought would be perfect for my sister. She likes helping me make cards but with this kit everything is there for her. I sent my entry into DoCrafts explaining this and while my sister was round on Wednesday I got an email to say I'd won!

The prize came this morning and is so lovely! Everything comes in a pink gingham box and includes preprinted backgrounds on each card, toppers, verses and gems. I've not opened it as I'm being good since I've won it for my sister but can't wait for the grand unveiling on Wednesday with her.

Now to cross my fingers and hope my luck wins me the lottery! (first item on my shopping list if I win is a house with space for a hydrotherapy pool, and a hydrotherapy pool. I'd also love to open a hydrotherapy pool for the public as they're so few and far between and help people with muscle weakness and other disabilities)