Saturday, 26 December 2015

Alice in Wonderland Thank You Cards

For Christmas my parents gave me the Disney Classics Cricut Cartridge and I decided to use this to make my thank you cards. 

I used my Sizzix Texture Boutique with the embossing folder it came with for the based of the card. Due to its design I thought the sitting Alice image would be best and as I was making a few I decided to use the print and cut feature. I cut the sentiment from Cricut Vinyl and used masking tape to transfer it to the card.

I'm so glad I got the embossing machine as it makes a simple card much nicer.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Christmas Eve Treat Box

This year I'm not working Christmas Eve! Whooohooo! I actually decided to book holiday over Christmas so I'm off for 12 whole days with only taking 3 days holiday due to when Christmas falls and my Wednesday's off. However for my sister it's her first Christmas having for work Christmas Eve AND in retail! Because of this I decided to make her a little treat box for when she gets home but I ended up giving it to her last night.

I purchased some bits from Lush so she can unwind and get all cosy for Christmas. I purchased First Snow glittery powder, Lord of Misrule shower cream (which smells amazing), and soap that smells like marzipan! 

I made a box with my Crafters Companion big score using Snow White Centura Pearl card, wrapped it in a pink ribbon and added a Christmassy penguin and a gift tag.

The penguin was made using the print and cut feature on my Cricut Explore. To make the present tag I cut 2 base shapes ou of Kraft card and one one write my message with the write feature. I think glued the two pieces together sandwiching the ribbon in between. I stuck on the detail later in pink and then filled the sections with two way glue pen and then glittered it up using Stampin Up glitter.  

Merry Christmas  

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Get well card

My Dad had an operation on his eye last week and I decided to make him a card. 

I didn't want to make it too bright and patterny so decided on some cool blues and the topper is from a paper pad from Hunkydory (Smudge & Mitten). I also added in some Kraft card to break up the pattern in the background. 

Happy Craftmas to Me!

When I started crafting I started out with some stamps and pens. I then got a Sizzix Big Shot so cut dies and used this for two years before it was replaced by my Cricut Mini and then Explore. As I didn't use my Big Shot I sold it as I only used it for die cutting and found my Cricut was more versatile and also took up less room (strangely!)

So recently I've been wanting to add texture to cards and was looking at getting a die cutting machine that didn't take up much room and then Cyber Monday happened and I found the Sizzix Texture Boutique for £20! A great deal in my opinion and perfect due to its size and that it only embosses.

It arrived last Wednesday afternoon and I had such a headache, bordering on a migraine, but I wanted to try it out! 

I looks so pretty and is a great size. I was also so surprised by how much stuff you got with it! In the box you get:
Two packs of card blanks (in white and cream) with envelopes
A stack of different coloured card (about business card size)
Rub on sentiments 
Three embossing folders 
The machine itself with plates and a shim

This would make a great gift for a new crafter or children as you can get crafting straight away. 

I tried it out quickly on a piece of card and it was so easy to use. I can't wait to use this now in conjunction with my Explore. I have a lot of coredination card stock so I'm looking forward to using it with this and sanding it back. 

Button wreath card

I have a lot of buttons and candi so decided to try and make some wreath cards this year. I started by drawing round a celotape roll with pencil as a guide and the stuck the buttons or candi round this. I finished with a bow or two. Simple yet effective 

Monday, 30 November 2015

Peace on Earth Christmas Card

I made this card on my Cricut Explore with the Tim Holtz metallic Kraft core card. It was a bit hard to use on my explore and I lost a crook. It was pretty hard to glue too but it looks nice with the gold and blue card. 

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Homemade Christmas gift tags

I purchased by Christmas paper in October from Paperchase but didn't buy tags as I usually print sticky labels however this year I decided to make some tags with my Cricut Explore.

These tags were made using Print and cut for the main images (penguin and reindeer from Create a Critter). I then cut the back layer from Kraft card. I changed the back layer so it was a mirror image and added in 'merry Christmas' using the all mixed up font with a pilot v5 pen. 

I stuck the printed image to the tag using my Xyron sticker maker which really helped. I then punched a hole in the Penguins hat, and used some twine to thread threw. On the reindeer I experimented with the hold placement and each time it looked like is shot the reindeer but used the hole between its antlers. 

I love how these came out and they look great on my presents. 

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Birthday Cards Using Tim Holtz Kraft-Core Metallic Collection

A week ago I received a brochure in the post from Crafters Companion about their 10th birthday week and the sale that was due to start on 23rd October. I wasn't planning on getting anything, apart from some glue, but looking through the brochure I spotted some bits that I hadn't seen before such as the Tim Holtz Kraft-Core Metallic Collection. This is Kraft card which has been coated on one side with a metallic ink. You can tear it, emboss it etc to reveal a Kraft core.

My parcel arrived today as Crafters Companion opened their sale early to Inspire club members on Monday and I used it, along with the Camden Town CD I had ordered (reduced to £5).

Here are two cards I made. I used the copper colour, which I love, for the wine card, and I used the silver colour for the motorbike card. I used the edge destresser on the copper card and it gave a lovely look to the card and a bit of texture.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Planner Stickers with my Cricut Explore

I purchased a Websters Pages planner a few month ago and as I have a lot of recurring appointments, such as hydrotherapy, my husbands guitar lessons, flea treatment for the cats etc I thought I'd look at making some planner stickers. Now there are two main reasons I chose to do this:
  1. I didn't want to mess up my diary straight away with a spelling error
  2. I thought labels would stand out more and I could colour code them (so I didn't need to carry around a stack of different colour pens)
I started listing all the recurring appointments I thought I might need in my diary:
  • pay day (whoohooo)
  • guitar
  • hydrotherapy (ohhhh the hot water after a busy day at work to soothe my poor muscles!)
  • enginner 
  • medical appointments
  • bank holidays
  • my trip to Disney (in Disney font of course!)
  • holidays (normal ones... not Disney lol)
  • to do (in case I need to remember to do something important of a certain date)
  • birthdays (so it stands out, I'll then writing their name next to it)
  • vets
  • bills due
  • annual leave for Lee and I (as we don't always take the same time off) 
Anything else can be written in, or more stickers made up!

I did start making my stickers in Cricut Design Space however I found that it took forever as I was trying to make 52 of the same label at one time (ie for my weekly Hydrotherapy session) and my computer was soooo laggy, so I came up with a new idea..... I made them in Craft Artist 2! I used a flag shape and typed in the events. I then copied these out as many times as needed, and used the distribute function to space them out. I decided to make these on A5 sheets as the labels I wanted to use were A5 labels and I thought it would be easier with my Cricut Explore. In total I made 6 sheets of labels (50 on each sheet!).

 Once I had made my labels I exported them from Craft Artist as a PNG with a see through background so it would make it easier to set them up on my Explore to cut them individually. 

Once saved I uploaded them onto the Cricut Design Space and this took no time at all as all the work had been done in Craft Artist to set them up.

Each set of labels was set to 6 inches wide and 4.5 inches tall but although two sets would fit at a time on my A4 sheet, I had to do the print and cut separately for each sheet as I was using A4 sheets which had 2 labels per page but I did find a way in the end to use my whole sheet.

To do this, I print and cut one 'set' of labels at a time (by using the eye/hide button on Cricut Design space so that only one set of labels was showing at a time), and found that if I print and cut this, there was room to turn my label sheet around in my printer and print another set on the other half of my labels. Now there's probably an easier way (such as buying A4 labels) but this worked for me.

The labels I used were 5 star laser labels, which are comparable to Avery but I found them cheaper on Amazon (I use them for online postage) and on my first try I used the Cricut Sticker Sheet setting, however this cut all the way through, but I found that the paper setting cut it just fine (apart from the odd corner lifting but I just pushed these back onto the sticker paper after).

I'm really happy with how these turned out, and now I will cut them smaller so I'm left with smaller sheets of stickers, and keep them with my planner ready for when they decide to finally make the 2016 Webster Pages inserts available! 

Friday, 23 October 2015

40th Birthday Card

This card is 13.5cm x 13.5cm and I used:
Bazzill Basics light blue card
Bazzill Basics dark blue polkadot embossed card
Silver mirri card
Stampin Up Cherry on Top paper pack (a sheet of the candle paper)
13.5cm square card blank with matching envelope from Card Blanks Direct (love their card blanks)
Stampin up silver glitter
Stampin up heat and stick embossing powder
Eboss-it Pen (clear)
Cricut Explore
PVA Glue

I cut the silver mirri to 13.4cm square and stuck this on the card (I did it a little smaller than the card so there was no hang-over)

I cut the candle paper to 13.1cm square (so there would be a think silver boarder) and stuck this to the mirri.

I used the Cricut to cut the dark blue card to 12.8 cm square and cut the numbers out of this (using Monogram Motifs), and I also cut a flag out and using the write feature on the Cricut wrote 'Birthday Wishes' in All Mixed Up font with a Pilot V5 pen in the Cricut.

To give it a bit of 'bling' I went round the edges of the flag with the embossing pen, then dipped it in the heat and stick embossing powder, heated it with my heat gun, sprinkled it in glitter, then heated it again to set it.

I then assembled it all with PVA glue. I would have used 3D foam however as it was going in the post I didn't want it to get squished or damaged.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Bead Haul Prototype Box #beadhaul

In the past I have subscribed to Craft Creatives boxed and liked them but I didn't always like the themes and stopped subscribing when they changed their box from themes to projects. The Craft Creatives team recently made a prototype box available of their new Bead Haul box. I love making jewellery bits, and it's quite handy that my hubby works in that field too and can give me little hints and tips. I was really excited by this and signed up for the prototype and was really impressed.

Now I must apologise as I did get this box just over a month ago and even made some things on the day I got it, but forgot to get round to blogging about it!

Now I must point out that this box was a prototype to see what people thought about what was on offer and the box that came was pretty plain and non-branded (apart from the label that said it was a Bead Haul prototype) but I actually liked this as I buy the box for what's inside.

Sorry for the bad picture. This kit included the below:
  • head and eye pins
  • two shell wings
  • earring hooks
  • two necklace chains
  • jump rings
  • aqua beads
  • metal feather charms
  • bird charms (included single bird charms, two birds on a white/branch, birds in a hoop, and bird connectors)
  • aqua square beads
  • a tassel
  • two seagull wooden tile charms
  • bird buttons
  • stix 2 pick up pencil (this was a gift)
I liked the range of items and already have this antique gold colour in jewellery hardware which was handy. I also have a lot of aqua bits so I can mix it with my own bits I already have.

I liked the buttons however I wasn't sure they really fitted with the box, but will be using these in my sewing projects. I also realllllly didn't like the tassel, I've seen these a lot in DoCrafts kits at the moment and just don't like them or 'get' them, but that's just me. 

There were a few projects to try out online too which was good as it gave me a feel for what I could make, and then inspire me to make other projects. The first thing I made was the bird in the hoop infront of the aqua tile bead. At first I had no idea how this would work and thought maybe glue would be involved, but its made using a jump ring on the bird, and a jump ring on the tile and layering them on the necklace. I love it.

The next thing I made was this pair of earrings. I love wing things and thought these were beautiful. The only thing I would have liked is if they were opposites of each other (as in the pattern). They're really light weight too!
I then decided to get my jewellery making box out and found some chain, jump rings, a clasp and a little charm saying 'made with love' (shown below) and this is what I made.

One of the ideas was making earrings with the metal feathers however they are quite weighty and I'd worry about using them as earrings so I'm going to come up with another idea (maybe a bag charm). I can't weight to try some other projects with this kit and thought it was really well thought out.

I wasn't sure if I'd purchase the first 'official' box, however the theme has been revealed as FAIRYTAIL!!!!!  This has definitely swung it for me especially with my love of Disney and fairytales (as I write this I'm watching Once Upon a Time, and planning a trip to Disneyland Paris!). 

This box will be available to order from 1st November 2015 and will be priced at £12.50 with £2.50 postage, and delivered in early December. This can be purchased as a one off box, or brought as a subscription being delivered every 2 months. I think I will order the first box and see what it is like before I commit as I'm not a huge jewellery maker but like making things when I want a break from card making (especially around Christmas time!) More info can be found on

The actual boxes will also have more beads rather than findings which I'm really pleased with as you can buy findings sets quite easily and you won't be over run with findings (unless you want to be of course). Nothing worse than having hundreds of findings you don't want or use!

This box was purchased by myself and was a fair review based on my thoughts of the box. I do not get anything from #beadhaul in exchange for this review or via the link.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

BeBunni Card

It's been pretty hectic at work recently with a lot of things all going on at the same time. I've not done much colouring recently so decided to do a bit for relaxation. 

I used a BeBunni stamp which came free with an order from Crafters Companion. I've had this for nearly a year and haven't ever used it so it was defiantly time to try it out! I originally stamped it straight onto my card with black ink but this was a bit to harsh, so I stamped it again (without reinking) to get a lighter image. 

I used my Spectrum Noir pens, using GG1 - GG4. 

After colouring I did a dirty background (masking the bunny so it didn't get a dirty face) and then used distress ink round the outside. There was a little error with the ink so I added some MDF butterflies covered in guilding flakes. 
I matt and layerd with some Stamping up card (the green) and Bazzille Basics pink. I then used my new Wink of Stella pen and gave the pink layer a bit of glitter (hard to see but it give a light glitter)

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Robot Card

This card was made using a Hunkydory card kit. Two toppers and a piece of 13.5cm square backing foiled card

Monday, 28 September 2015

Cupcake Birthday Card

Today is my sisters birthday and this is the card I made for her.

I used the Cricut Explore for the design, using the cupcake design from the Classically Modern Cards cartridge.

I used papers from the Cherry on Top range from Stampin Up. 

I edited the design a bit to have a patterned background. To save paper I cut the cupcake case out of the background (as it would be covered over)

I used my xyron to make the layers of the cake adhesive. This was so much easier than using glue! 

Next I used an Emboss It pen in my Cricut Explore with my sentiment, then covered it in Stampin Up heat and stick embossing powder, followed by Stampin Up glitter 

This was my first time trying this and I'm pretty pleased but would used a larger font next time just so it's a bit clearer 
I did also make a matching envelope with Stampin Up envelope paper but I can't find the photo! Whoops (I did make the card 3 weeks ago but held off posting this in case my sister saw it) I really like their envelope paper as one side is plain and the other is patterned and they're 12 X 12 size so perfect to use with the Cricut Explore

And here are the birthday cupcakes I baked her, cherry bakewell cupcakes (and they were mega yummy!)

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Envelope glue

I've been making a few envelopes recently, mainly where I've made a card and I've not had an envelope to match (or the cards quite 3D and I've needed a deeper envelope). When I've made envelopes for myself I've used either glue, a tape runner or double sided tape, however when making cards for others I want them to look professional. 

I was looking at getting some envelope glue and was advised you can make it yourself with gelatine, I brought gelatine (6 or 7 months ago) and just haven't got round to making it. While buying some craft items recently I saw the envelope glue so decided to finally give in and buy some. 
I made my envelope on my Crafts Companion Ultimate Pro. 
I used Collall tacky glue for the three permanent flaps. 
I then went to use the envelope glue and it wouldn't come out and saw it said to push it down, I did this but kind of too hard....
I spreaded it out, however due to the moisture from the glue puddle it made the envelope a bit wet and crinkly 
Once dry, I licked it (it tasted fine by the way) to remoisen and stick the envelope flap down.
It held well however the edges did curl up a bit so I think I need to practice a bit more. 

Xyron Sticker Maker

Last week I conveniently got struck down with a cold just as the Bank Holiday started so spent the majority of the weekend dosed up and watching craft videos on YouTube. I saw that someone used a Xyron machine for applying their embellishments made with the Cricut Explore and I've been looking for a simply way to stick intricate cuts for my Christmas cards (as I don't want my embellishments falling off!) I recently tried using the Zig 2 way glue pen, which is ok but it's time consuming and isn't the strongest hold.

After looking at the Xyron options I was a bit worried that the 5 inch machine would be a bit bulky and wasn't sure how well the Xyrons would work, but found a disposable version that does up to 3 inch wide items and 20 ft work of stickiness which sounded perfect to try out.

This was £10.99 from Craft U Love (the cheapest I could find unless I was willing to wait for one to ship from America).

Below is what the unit looked like once I took it out the package.

I decided to try a really intricate item first which was an embellishment from the Ornamental Iron 2 Cricut cartridge. I've used this a lot recently and it's a pain the try and glue.

When it comes out you have to rub it to ensure the glue sticks to the item, and that any excess glue gets stuck to the top sheets so you don't get spiderweb type bits of glue.
If there are any bits of stray glue you can just dab them with the top sheet
Here it is, a perfectly glued embellishment and it stuck perfectly.
I also tried using the xyron to glitter some shapes I had and that worked well too.
Finally I tested it with ribbon.
This worked really well too, although it was hard to peal them off the backing sheet, but the ribbon remained flexible and with the see through ribbon you couldn't even see the glue.

Overall I'm really please with the Xyron and I'll see how I get on with just the 3 inch version as it takes up little space, and I love that it's disposable so I don't need to worry about what cartridges to get or if they ever stop supplying them. I also prefer not having the handle (which other models have). As I like it so much I've purchased one through Amazon from an American company for £6.99 which will be here next month (so I have a spare when I run out).