Tuesday, 31 May 2011

I LOVE Boux Avenue!!! (yes I love them even more since I won something from them!)

I love my Lee jumpsuit I purchased from Boux Avenue in April. It's a pale blue jumpsuit for lounging/sleeping in. I brought it mostly for Wednesdays when I'm off work and have lots of deliveries so I can jump out of bed and answer the door, or sit around and wait for the Ocado man to come before I jump in the shower (they always come earlier if I'm in the shower!)

I didn't think my fiance would really like it but he did (I was worried it would look like a romper suit!)

I don't wear it all the time but I must admit the first few days I had it, it would be put on as soon as I got in from work (when Lee was in the shower) so Lee would only see me in the jumpsuit lol. I did wean myself off of it, but it is lovely to come in from work and chuck on. The only downside is if your chilly and put a dressing gown on top on over it, you get a bit chilly if you need the loo as you have to take that off to take the straps down on the jumpsuit.

I thought this would be great for when we get married, as I can have my hair and make-up done while wearing it and not worry about ruining my hair when I take the jumpsuit off!

It's also great if Lee needs a lift to work, I just chuck ugg boots on and a hoody and no one is any the wiser! It just looks like I have jogging bottoms on!

A few weeks ago I saw that the jumpsuit was coming out in a new colour! I was tempted to buy it but wasn't sure if I should really spend £74 on 2 jumpsuits in a month..... (they're £32 each) but then saw a competition on twitter from Boux Avenue and thought I'd give it a go.... and I won!!!!

My new grey mix Lee boyfriend jumpsuit is in the post and on it's way to me! I'm hoping it comes tomorrow when I'm off... if so I will be wearing my blue jumpsuit to great the postman!

Not sure i can get away with going out in it since my new one is leopard print but definately will be wearing it when I get home Thursday night (if it comes tomorrow lol)

Thursday, 26 May 2011

When I'm not well I SHOULD NOT watch QVC in bed....

QVC should also not have an iphone app which makes it so easy to buy items from either!

I had a migraine yesterday and was sick today :( so got back in bed and had a snooze then turned the TV on and flicked through and saw Bare Escentuals on QVC. I was fine and enjoyed watching how to apply mineral make-up etc ... but then Nails Inc came on.... I told myself NO.... then I saw a set of 5 polishes for £19! All colours I liked and I'd been wanting a pale minty green and a lilacy/cornflour blue for ages in Nails Inc or OPI and they were in the set!

Pretty happy with my purchase, some lovely colours and a great price! Can't wait until they arrive!!!!!

The set contains
  • Springs Mews (green) 10ml
  • Devonshire Row (purple) 10ml
  • Maple Street (pink) 10ml (looks more like a brown)
  • Strawberry Hill (raspberry) 10ml
  • Chalk Farm (lilac) 10ml
I just looked online and its waiting list only! So glad I got it!!!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Essie Polishes

I usually use OPI or Nails Inc polishes, and the odd Avon polish (I'd use more but there are no base coats available yet).. but anyway a few weeks ago a blog had a sale and I saw a lovely minty green colour polish (I've wanted a minty green for ages!) and it was Essie, not a brand I'd used before but thought I'd give it a try.

The first time I used it I used it with OPI Nail Envy Base and a OPI top coat but it didn't dry after a few hours and although touch dry, when I rubbed it it folded up and just came off. I took it off and tried again (I was watching the Royal Wedding at the time and had nothing else to do) and used no base coat, and a Sally Hansen topcoat and it was fine.

I'm trying it today with Nails Inc Soho Silk base under it as my nails need a bit of TLC and I'm hoping it will dry.

I find that some nail varnishes dont like other varnishes but when I mention it to people they think I'm strange..... I know for a fact they menitoned it on QVC once when they use to sell Special FX polishes and they would only work with their own kind, but I find it very strange!

I may buy an Essie 3 in one base, treatment and top coat but I'll see as I only have this one Essie polish at the moment and it's ok but I find the brush a bit thin and the polish reminds me of tippex as it's quite thick and goes on streaky so I have to do 2 coats but it may be my technique and not having the proper Essie base coat.

Fingers crossed this dries..... Lee wants to watch a film and I've not put a top coat on yet but will wait for this to completely dry first!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Molton Brown Hydrating Gel

Love the Molton Brown Vitalising Vitamin AB+C Body Hydrating Gel! Moisturisers don't seem to sink into my legs but this does and isn't oily or sticky, just light and smooth! Kind of like aloe vera gel and a little goes a long way!

Got it on my legs today and with the pump it's easy to get the amount you want without wasting or spillage!

Reminds me, must epilate tonight! Maybe fake than too as I have random strap tan marks on my feet from going to the park with my sketchers on!

Hope it's warm today as my tights broke while putting them on so bare legs for me! (yes I could have put trousers on my I love my M&S dress)

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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Nail Varnishes that don't work together

Not sure if it's just me but I find certain nail varnishes don't work together. I use OPI mostly and Nails Inc. I brought an Essie polish via a blog sale and put it onto my nails which had dried OPI Nail Envy on, then put Sally Hansen top coat on, 1 hour later and I touched my nail and the varnish was all soft! Tried it again and same thing! Today I put the Essie polish onto bare nails then put Sally Hansen top coat on and it's fine! Essie must not work with OPI or at least Nail Envy.

Had this happen before with other polishes and it's so annoying! I now try and stick to one make but had to get the Sally Hansen topcoat for use with my Avon polishes as they don't yet do a top coat.

Heyho happy I finally have my mint green nails sorted!

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