Sunday, 30 October 2011

Caught The Glossy Box Bug!

Saw these when they first came out around May time and was tempted to subscribe but didn't fancy having to wait a few months due to the high demand so forgot all about them.... Until someone posted on Facebook again about them this week.... and my box arrived this morning!
I got it as my skin can be funny with products so getting smaller versions to try it handy as you can never tell if You like a product unless you try it a few times. I also find if I buy a new product I use it once or twice then never again so at least I can gage if I'll use the product regularly. Another reason I got it is as I seem to buy the same products again and again, OPI or Nails Inc polishes, L'Oreal make-up etc in the same types of colours.
This box contained Leighton Denny polish which I've seen in John Lewis before and on QVC I think but to me it looks cheapish packaging so I've never tried it (not that I wouldn't try cheaper things, it just looks similar to own brand polishes which I've tried and haven't been of great quality). I gave it a try last night and it's nice in that it goes on well and the lid/brush is quite weighty which seemed to make it easier to apply. The colour I received was sex kitten, a metalicy silver blue. It'a ok but having applied it while watching a film and not touching anything for a few hours I've noticed this morning marks on my nails like when you go to bed with wet nails so not sure what happened there... Doesn't usually happen with my other polishes. The test though now is how long it usually my polishes on last 2 days max even long lasting polishes.
Love the dermologica products, especially the heating face scrub although it made my face all shiney but luckily I was at home all day. My fiancé at one point asked what I had on my chin and it was the light reflecting on my face making it look like I had something white on me.
The lip stuff is also great and really lasts and is making my lips look bigger with the shine.
Another product in the box was Stilla eyeliner in a goldy/greeny/brown colour. I've never used this make before and usually go for black eyeliner but really liked this for everyday wear without eyeshadow and it had a glittery effect to it which looks great. I wouldn't have brought this colour myself normally but love it! Also I've never tried Stilla but it's a good product, not sure I'd go looking for Stilla items but would probably but this eyeliner again when it runs out (or look for similar by my old fave L'Oreal.)
I've not tried the perfumes yet as had lots of migraines over the last few days and heard these were heady fragrances but hopefully will get round to trying them soon.
Very much looking forward to the next box :)

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