Monday, 20 February 2012

February Glossy Box

Normally I don't moan about what I get in my Glossy Box... and I won't but I am a bit disappointed which is the only time I have been since subscribing to the box.

I wasn't very well today as was in when the postman brought my box. It seemed light and I really didn't feel well so left the box on the bed and went back to sleep.

This afternoon I opened the box and was a bit hmmmm.... on seeing the first product... liquid soap but then it did say 'magic' liquid soap so thought it sounded interesting.

I think GB knew that this was going to be a bit of a 'hit or miss' box and had put a card in saying 'expect the unexpected' and tells you to go to the website on 24th Feb to find out about a mystery box... so I think this was put in to keep being subscribed.

The items I go were:

Duwop Venom Gloss - It comes with a warning that it may cause a tingling sensation... which I love! I've had lots of plumping glosses and the tingles show its working. I've not tried this yet but will be tomorrow. The worst 'tingle' I had was from an a Sally Hansen extreme plump which felt like I had carpet burn on my face! Its a nice colour too so can't wait to try this.

Dr Bronner Magic Liquid Soap - Worth £1.99.... hmmm high end I don't think so but I will try this if I can swap it for another smell as I have a migraine and this is Rose scented which usually gives me migraines (florists looked at me oddly when I kept saying I didn't want roses in my wedding bouquet as they gave me a migraine). So I've put a post on Beauty Box Swaps - to ask to see if anyone is willing to swap for another smell (not citrus as that also causes migraines, and not lavender as my fiance isn't keen) so I will wait and see. I really want to try this out though so hope that someone is willing to swap. It has so many uses so really would like to give this a go.

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Relaxing Balm - Intense hydrating treatment for my hair.... can't wait! Want to keep my hair in tip top condition for my wedding in April so will definately be trying this out!

BM Beauty Pure Mineral Eyeshadow - I have the grey colour and it looks really good and I quite like mineral makeup so can't wait to try this (with my Bare Minerals brush hehe) I don't have any eye like colours so this will be great for a smokey eye.

Como Shambhala Invigorating Body Lotion - Not tried this yet... mostly because of the smell as it sounds like a clash of smells to me and worried it'll push my migraine over the limit! I also don't need any body lotions at the moment as Waitrose mistakinly gave me 2 full size Nivea lotions in my weekly shop (which I have told them about) but they're not wishing to collect them (I'm too honest so had to tell them!)

I will try out the products this week and report back on my blog.

I haven't taken any photos as not feeling great but will hopefully post pictures of the products soon.

Some people got false nails instead of the BM eyeshadow which I was a bit annoyed about but then my nails are long (thanks to OPI) and they're probably longer than the false nails! Also I'll get more use from the eyeshadow.

I'm not sure what else other people go but will have a look once more blogs are posted.

If you want to swap my rose Dr Bronner soap for either Peppermint, Eucalyptus or Almond please leave a comment or get in touch via twitter @saraleighuk

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