Sunday, 21 April 2013

Jumping Clay - My New Favourite Craft Medium!

When I got my Crafty Creatives box 10 I was intrigued by the sachets of Jumping Clay and opened them up straight away! I've always loved clay, Playdoh etc but find clay messy and polymer clay needs baking and I find them a bit hard to work with (I ended up with bruised hands from the polymer clay in a previous Crafty Creatives box). Having Muscular Dystrophy my hands (or any body part) hurts if I over do it (ie kneading polymer clay).

Jumping clay is different though as its really light, silky soft and not at all messy. It's like a lighter version of blutak in consistency I think. It also smells amazing as it has a jasmine scent (not too strong either so not migraine inducing).

It reminded me a little of the moldable soap Body Shop did years ago (although that was a bit messy) so it was a bit nostalgic playing with the Jumping Clay.

In Crafty Creatives box 10 there were two smallish foil sachets of Jumping Clay (white and blue), a phone charm loop and pin, and ideas card to make a little bug. Straight away I set about making the bug in my pjs on my laptop table on top of a DVD case. My tools were my hands and a credit card to make the lines on the bugs body (all very

My bug was made in 15 minutes (majority of the time was mixing the perfect shades between white and dark blue). I had to look up online about drying time and it suggested up to 2 days for small items in a warm environment. I was planning to send the finished bug to my little cousin Georgia for her birthday on Sunday (today) so had to get it in the post Friday but luckily it dried by Thursday night (32 hours later). The great thing is that Jumping Clay is very light and quite robust so I wasn't worried it would break in the post (in a box I'd made).

I used the left over Jumping Clay yesterday to make some flower embellishments for cards (stamping into them and cutting them out with scissors).

This morning my cousin text me to thank me for the bug and said her Mum wanted to know if I could make her one! I did want to buy more Jumping Clay but was trying to be good and use up what I had in the craft room but after the feedback and needing more I jumped onto the Jumping Clay website! I purchased Jumping Clay Mini Gift Set for £15.50 (reduced from £18) and more phone clips, magnets and accessories. I went for the gift set as firstly its in a jar to keep it tidy and most of the clay comes in resealable pots so I can reseal it and use it as and when.

I am going to get my sister to have a go of using the clay too as she has Dyspraxia and it helps with her coordination.

I wish I knew about Jumping Clay before my wedding as think it would be amazing to give to the children to play with during/after the meal.

I'll definitely be recommending Jumping Clay to my friend and family.

Thank you Crafty Creatives and Jumping Clay for introducing me to this!

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