Friday, 17 April 2015

iPad Geeky Snow White Decal

It was my birthday last week and my parents, very kindly, brought me an iPad! I brought myself a Samsung tablet 2 years ago (on my birthday, an exdisplay from John Lewis) just so I could go online without getting my laptop out, however after getting the Cricut Explore I really wanted an iPad so I could use the Cricut App which only works with iPads, not Android.

Since getting my iPad I've loved being able to play around on the Cricut app, finding all the images I have in my subscription easily and also being able to do it away from the study/craft room. I've also got a Pay As You Go sim for my iPad so that I can design cards etc on the go.

One of the first things I did when I got my iPad was set up a Pinterest board on vinyl decals, but in fact I went with a decal I have wanted for years (over 7 years or more) when I had my iMac. It was a nerdy Snow White but at the time I could only get it from America and it was so expensive I went for a different design, but now I can cut my own Vinyl in the Cricut Explore I made my own. I'm so please with how it turned out! I've now put a case on my iPad but I brought a clear back one so the image is still visible (I would have a similar decal on my phone but as I always drop it on the floor, down the loo etc I have a really rugged case which completely covers it)

My friend at work has asked me if I can make something similar with a geeky Ariel (Little Mermaid) which I'm going to try (ie putting some glasses on Ariel)

Another good thing about an iPad is that I can blog so much easier! Hurray!

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