Friday, 9 September 2011

New Nails Inc Magnetic Effect Polish!

Just arrived (well it came yesterday but I was out so went to the post office in my pjs this morning!)
Housework, shower then nail painting time!


Note to self.... must read instructions! I painted my nails with this then left them to dry and wondered why the magnetic effect wouldn't work.... you have to do it when your nails are still wet lol.

So I took the polish off and started again, painting each nail and then using the magnet straight away. It took a while to get it right as I kept touching the wet nail with the magnet by mistake but after a few attempts finally got the hang of it

I like the look as it is slightly 3D but I have to say I was a little disappointed as thought you could make your own patterns but the magnet is in waves so always gives the same effect.

A few years ago there was a polish by Lancome which I tried to get hold of but couldn't find anywhere (well apart from £30 or something on eBay...) but their magnetic polish changed when the polish was dry and you could change the polish however you wanted so you could get a gradient effect (I thought this would be the same).

All in all a good polish but a bit boring after a while. 

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