Sunday, 20 May 2012

Nails Inc's New Nail Jewellery!

I am loving Nails Inc's new nail jewellery but wasn't that impressed initially until I tried it!

I went out shopping with my husband to spend out wedding gift vouchers and wanted to buy a black OPI nail polish in order to do Louboutin style nails properly (black on top and red tips under the nail), but forgot while in John Lewis so went to the Nails Inc bar while in House of Fraser. I picked up Black Taxi then saw the Nail Jewellery, a range on different glitter polished, and picked up the diamond one. Using both polishes together gives me, what I like to call, a granite look. The black doesn't look harsh and the glitter looks almost 3D. 

This polish also lasted the longest I've ever had polish last! Over 2 days, this doesn't sound much for most people but for me it really is. The only downside to this polish.....the elbow grease needed to remove it but it really is worth it.

I'm not sure what the other colours would be like but I'm loving the diamond version and at £11 it's not bad at all!

From Nails Inc

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