Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Ninja Gnome!

My Dad gave me this kit to try out for a review and it sounded brilliant! A kit comprising of a book on how to make a number of felt gnomes and materials to make a Ninja Gnome.

There were a few bits wrong with this kit though as it promised you could make a ninja gnome with the items contained in the box however there wasn't enough felt, not enough thread, no needle, no glue and no stuffing! Luckily I had all the added bits needed in my stash.

The gnome took 2 hours to make from start to finish. He is pretty cool and now hides around our flat! My husband and I started playing a game where we hide Jeffrey (the gnome) but it has to be in plain sight. I first put him in our bathroom ontop of a canvas print and it took Lee until the next time to notice him. It's a bit childish but a funny game!

I think I'll make some of the other gnomes at some point as they are pretty cool
The front of the box (the packaging was upside down)
The back of the book
The Ninja tempate
The kit

The pieces cut out (the back of his head should have been red but they didnt give you enough red felt!)
Finished Jeffrey!
Jeffrey hiding in my mug
Jeffrey hiding in the bathroom

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