Sunday, 7 October 2012

My favourite type of card designs and ones I'm not to keen on

Recently I've been looking for more card toppers from Kanban as I really like the Create and Craft members gift they did (Christmas designs) and the So Macho toppers set. I saw that Create and Craft were launching an offer from Kanban and got all excited, but then saw what it was but it wasn't really my cup of tea. It got me thinking about what styles I like and dislike, I won't say hate but there are some styles which are just not my thing.

I've watched a Kanban show before and saw a set and thought...hmmm don't like those, then found myself thirty minutes later wondering if I should by the set as some items were nice. I think it was on their mega deal weekend where you brought a set of Kanban toppers and got two free.....the ones I wanted were the free ones! I didn't buy them in the end as I thought it was pointless if I was only buying something for a third of the items in the set. 

I'm not really into steampunk designs or overly floral images. I like pictures, cute cartoons drawings (such as the Snow White style stamp image I have) and modern designs. I'm not really into dark images and I'm not very keen on the Victorian ladies etc (you probably know the ones I mean). I may change my tastes at some time, but think it could just be that I don't like overly complicated pictures or designs. I think the type of card you pick up in Clintons or Marks and Spencer. I think that's probably where my taste in cards comes from as I've always brought my cards from places like that so that's the style I'm use to.

My craft stash is mostly made up of cute bear/hedgehog/dog stamps (some of which I've brought and some, mostly Christmas ones, that have come from magazines), word stamps, outlined stamps of flowers and butterflies, cartoon animal toppers, SWALK toppers and now my So Macho Kanban kit. 

I've got magazines before and some of the free gifts I've ended up giving away or chucking as they're not my style and I've thought of making them into cards to sell but if I'm not 'feeling' the design on the card and don't like it myself I don't think others will like it and feel I'd have to price it really low even though other people may love it.

I've never given a card I've not been happy with. This morning I made my Dad a card as he had fractured his arm and thought it would be nice to cheer him up. I made a simple card with 'get well soon' stamped all over in various fonts, however 5 minutes after stamping it with 'fast drying ink' it hadn't dried and got smudged as I folded the card so I made another card. This time I just put a simple gardening topper on top of a blank white card and it was simple but looked amazing and just like a card you would get in a shop/garden center. 

I've recently ordered a sheet of wedding Kanban toppers for my husbands aunts wedding later this month as I've become addicted to Kanban and the high quality cards I can produce with their toppers and think it will look far better than going through my stamp collection and making a mediocre card.

I guess our tastes in things change as I would have never through I would have got Kanban toppers before but after getting the free members gift from Create and Craft, liking the results and then getting the mens toppers (as mens cards are so hard to make), I have fallen head over heels for Kanban.

*****I'm not getting paid or given anything for saying this by the way*****

Anyway I'm off now to clean out my hedgehogs wheels.....*yucky* but then I'm going to relax on the sofa with my husband, a glass of wine, popcorn and American Pie the Reunion.

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