Saturday, 2 February 2013

Happy Crafty Saturday!

Just having a little break for some lunch and then back in the study for a bit more crafting this afternoon.

Today I've started to make a 'new home' card for my Brother-in-Law as he is getting his flat soon and I just couldn't think of a manly card to make him but then had an idea while eating my peanut butter covered bagel this morning.......SHRINK PLASTIC!!!! I've made a little doodly house and cut out 'new home' in the shrink plastic too. As the house was quite big (1/2 A4 before shrinking) it stuck to itself while shrinking and after burning my fingers trying to sort it I gave up and started another one but this time dusted it with talc which prevented it from sticking and I now have a perfect shrunken house!

I'm also making some birthday cards this afternoon for birthdays coming up and.....a first for me......using crafting CD's to print out bits for some cards too!

I recently brought two CDs from Fee J (you may know her from Jammi Panda which has been on Create and Craft TV). I purchased Magical Dreams:

A cute CD ROM full of amazing, colourful full of Unicorns, Angels and Moonbeams that will bring your card making & scrapbooking to life. Decoupage & embellishments sheets teamed together with coordinating backing papers and inserts in landscape & portrait orientaitions, t bag tiles, 3D frames, coordinating png ribbons, bows, lace borders and alphabets, plus a whole host of assorted toppers for your crafting pleasure.

And I purchased Love Be Mine
An amazing CD Rom, Cute quirky characters, teamed with some generic papers and embellishments that coordinate with the characters, perfect for creating a host of Romantic cards for Romantic occasions like Valentines Day, Engagement, Weddings even just cutsie friendship cards and more. Great for cardmaking and scrapbooking.

If you want to purchase either CD pop over to the CD's can be used on both Macs and PCs and you can print straight from the disk, nothing to install and no need to use a crafting programme! 

I still also have my Hedgehog Gardens Adventures CD which I've not printed from yet either! I've got my Nenah cards at the ready....just have to sort out the printer as I think the inks have dried up a bit from not being used!

Have a lovely weekend!


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