Sunday, 27 January 2013

Something a bit different from sewing, card making and baking...Jewellery Making!

I've tried many different crafts but I've not made any jewellery (well apart from a rose ring from the Craft Creatives Halloween box). I saw a set on Create and Craft from Beaders Companion and looked it up online on the Beaders Companion site and saw I could get the Create sets for around £5 each so brought a teal set and a brown set (it was far cheaper than Create and Craft so it's handy to have a look around especially if they are on sale on the suppliers sites).

My kits arrived the next day (which is also another reason why I preferred buying from Beaders Companion...and I got my points too!)

The kits make 2 necklaces, a pair of earrings and up to three bracelets. I thought these would look nice with t-shirts and plain jumpers to give a splash of colour as I only usually wear gold.

On the Beaders Companion site there are a number of projects including one to go with the kit but a copy was printed and included with my parcel. (You need to sign up as a member to see the kits but it is free to join but if you are a member of Crafters Companion you will also have access to the Beaders Companion site).

Photo from Beaders Companion Site

I was a bit worried when I ordered the kits as on the Create and Craft site a few reviews said that there wasn't enough cord and the beads were of a poor quality without holes but I thought I'd get it and if that was the case I'd contact Beaders Companion for a replacement. (one person on the C&C site said that they just gave the kit to their children due to lots of the beads being faulty....but if it was that bad I would have returned it).

The kits come with a see-through cord to make a two tier necklace, a coloured cord to make a pendant necklace, elastic cord to make 3 bracelets and findings to make a pair of earrings.

There are so many lovely beads in this kit and few of them are shown below. You lots of small beads and larger patterned and shaped beads. 

I did notice a few beads weren't drilled properly so I went thought them all to check and was able to use a pokey tool to clear the hole but some weren't drilled at all, only about 6 beads out of the whole pack so it wasn't too bad. 

My tip for this kit is to ensure you have enough beads for the earrings and necklaces is to choose the beads you want for your earrings first and put aside (or make), then choose the beads for your pendant necklace, and then make your two-tier necklace. I found that there weren't many big beads left for the bracelets so ended up adding in some beads of my own.

I made both necklaces and a bracelet yesterday but haven't been able to make the earrings yet as I don't have the tool to make the loop on the earrings (hubby works at a jewellers so is going to do that bit for me rather then buy the tools myself as I don't usually make jewellery and don't want to buy lots of things I won't use but may look at getting some in the future).
I really liked these kits and can't wait to start on the brown kit. For the price I think it was brilliant (I got mine for just under £5 with my Beaders Companion membership discount).

I'll post photos of my finished items shortly (currently in puppy safe clothes as we are puppy sitting Bailey today)

If you want to buy this kit, head on over to Beaders Companion where the kits are reduced from £12.99 down to around £5!

A little tip....measure the necklace before putting the bead and loop on for the pendant necklace! I just went to wear it for work and it was way too long! I'll be fixing that later or tomorrow! Silly Sara

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