Saturday, 19 October 2013

After a random morning I'm in the craft room!

This morning Lee told me he was getting up and was going to do some housework.....a little while later I heard a really weird sound but thought I must have dreamt it until Lee came running in and advised me the oven door had exploded! He cleaned the oven, shut the door and BANG the glass shattered and he was left holding the oven door handle! Glass went as far as 2 1/2 metres, it proper went! 

So home insurance people sorting that out tomorrow phew! Although it'll be microwave meals, takeaways and a lot of hob use for a while.

I then took Lee off to his guitar lesson and waiting in the car with two craft magazines and a coffee - Simply Homemade and Creative Stamping (lovely free stamps which was why I got it lol)

This afternoon I've managed to get in the craft room and investigate the DoCrafts Goody Bag I brought yesterday. I've never brought one before but it had lots of things I wanted anyway, Kraft card, tacky glue and loads of embellishments. I love things like this where you get a bundle of stuff you don't have and don't usually buy and you can make things you wouldn't. 

For example this card which I just made - I love the bells and spent a good five minutes playing with them. 

I've still got lots of Hunkydory Christmas kits from their Pick of the Week in the summer but have decided that I'm going to try as keep some of the kits for next year and make more cards with the new stash I have. I'm also going to be making an advent treat jar for my hedgehog with some dreamies in and will post once I've completed it.

Back to crafting and trying to tidy up a bit

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