Monday, 28 October 2013

Halloween Pumpkins

I love carving pumpkins but hate getting all those seeds an bits out (they also make the floor terribly slippery). My husband and I usually like to carve up pumpkins in intricate designs such as these two which are a ghost pirates ship and a vampire and his victim from last year.
 We printed designs onto a4 paper then pricked the paper through the paper onto the pumpkins with a cocktail stick, removed the paper and cut out the design. When we first did them we didn't think they looked very good but when it got dark and we lit the tea lights they were amazing.

I did want to do pumpkins this year but as Halloween falls on a Thursday we wouldn't have really had time to carve pumpkins unless we did them at the weekend and then they would have either been blown away by the awful winds today or rotted. I was looking to try an idea I saw by Martha Stewart where she used a drill and made a lace doily design - isn't this amazing! I think I will be trying this next year 

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