Wednesday, 22 January 2014


I've seen a few posts recently advertising glitter wine glasses and wine bottles and wondered:
1) how do they do it do the glitter is so dense
2) how do you glitter something without the glitter shedding especially if you can still drink from the glittered glasses (glittery lips anyone?)
3) what can I find in the kitchen to try and glitter

So......I found a mug (the plain cheap wine glasses were on the top shelf so out of my reach without my husbands help as he was at work) and got to work.

To do this you need:
An item to glitter (I used an old plain mug to practise my first attempt)
Glitter (I used stix2 fine aqua glitter I had laying around)
Mod Podge, Decopach glue/sealer or some other similar glue/sealer
A sponge applicator
Hard Brissel Paint Brush, kitchen roll or sponge (to get loose glitter off)
Glitter tray or a piece of paper to catch the loose glitter and pour back into the glitter storage tube/bag/pot
Optional: masking tape

I decided to try and put a stripe round my mug to masked off the top and bottom all the way round (if using wine glasses you can glitter the whole thing but I wanted to try this)
Apply Mod Podge or similar to the area you want covered in glitter. Do not put it on thickly as it will drip and travel once glitter is added. Less is more as this is just the first layer

Now pour on the glitter (I put my mug in the glitter tray for this and held it over the tray on its side rotating and pouring)
Leave to dry while standing it on your glitter tray/glitter catcher. I then removed my tape so it didn't get glued to the mug (you should be left with a crisp line)

Once dry dust off loose glitter with a dry hard brush. Then add a second coat of Mod Podge or whatever adhesive/sealer you are using and add more glitter. Try to stay away from the crisp lines you made with the masking tape if your doing it that way so you don't get glue over the line. I would suggest decanting the Mod Podge into a bowl rather than straight from the tub as you will end up with stray glitter in the pot.

Leave to dry then dust off the stray glitter

If you want more glitter add another coat.

If you find any stray glitter stuck to your item it does scrape off with your nail if you get your thumb nail and go at it from the side.

When you're happy with coverage and it's dry and loose glitters dusted off you just need to add two coats of sealer to the glitter and edges. You can use Mod Podge but I used my Decopatch glue/sealer which had a gloss finish. And ta-dah you have glitterated your item! It should be hand washable (not dishwasher!) now due to the sealant but just check your sealants food safe if it's going to be in contact with your food/drink or mouth.

Here's my finished trial run. The damn handle got glue on and I couldn't remove it unless I messed up the glitter near the handle but I was only doing it to test it. You can also see I went over my lines a little but I was rushing it to see if the glitter would stay on.

I'm going to try and get some acrylic shapes and glitterate them for jewellery pieces and also try a clear phone case. It hardly used any glitter or glue so I still have lots to play with 

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