Friday, 3 January 2014

Playtime with My Cricut Mini (Finally!)

So I broke the blade on my Cricut Mini on Christmas evening......and didn't realise but wondered why the Cricut Mini didn't seem to cut as good as I thought it should. I did it due to tiredness and because I used Adorable Scorable Card thinking that was suitable (I did notice the blade get caught on the card at the time but didn't notice any chipped blade).

Yesterday (Thursday) my replacement blades arrived (having ordered them on eBay on Boxing Day so I had spares). The only problem was I thought they were the wrong ones, then had a little hissy fit until my husband told me the green bits were covers covering the blade (he is so helpful when I get stressed due to crafting).

So Friday night.....I'm a 27 year hold I'm sitting in my craft room armed with a Disney Cricut cartridge, with a glass of non-alcoholic shandy in my dressing gown....and WOW does the new blade make a difference! I have guides printed on the wall with the blade depth, pressure and speed for each cutting material so they really helped and I even managed to cut glitter card! The only thing I need to work on though is my sticking down the pieces when I do my Disney characters, or at least Ariel with her mass of red hair.

Here are a few bits I made tonight while playing with my Cricut Mini PROPERLY with an unbroken blade! I used Disney Happily Ever After Cricut Cartridge, and Damask Decor cartridge.

Ariel was my first attempt. She cut fine but my sticking abilities were stretched here. Her hair was the problem because it was so big with lots of cuts in and I think it stretched a little with the glue and I just couldn't get it in the right place. I used 'Anitas Tacky Glue' which was too tacky and stuck fast. She looks more Amy Childs that Ariel to me (I think it's the lips). I'll try again but this was my first project with my Cricut.

 This Flounder card was my second project and I was so pleased with it! My glue skills improved (and it helped he didn't have a mass of flowing hair). I used an apeture card I recieved in a bundle when my card was featured in Papercraft Inspirations Magazine.

 The 'THANKS' was cut from glitter card stock I brought in Home Bargains last year. This is my last sheet of it and it cut so lovely I'm going to try and track down some similar as Home Bargains always change their stock.

I played around with my glues and used Tacky PVA, Collall All Purpose, glue pen and glue stick depending on the area needed to cover, and where they were going (I used the glue stick for the base layer of both Ariel and Flounder and then on the first cupcake card below)

The below cards I made using the Damask Decor cartridge. The top one is the cake design and when it cut, it cut so lovely that the 'waste' was perfectly cut too and I didn't want to bin it, but as it was glitter card I knew it wouldn't be any good as a stencil as it would be too rough and shed glitter so I cut it out and used it in the bottom card. The design is a bit hard to see in these photos but in real life its so glittery it does stand out.  The backing papers were free with the current Simply Homemade Magazine (Issue 38).

I just need to add a sentiment and some extra bits to the bottom card though as the background looks a bit bare.

After all that excitement I'm off to bed (after I peal the PVA off my fingers). I will post a review of the Cricut machine once I've played with it some more. I've definately picked up a few things since I've started playing with it....mostly that I won't be rushing to put Adorable Scorable in the Cricut and time soon!


  1. Beautiful selection of cards and thank you for stopping by mine and leaving such a sweet comment on my challenge card...
    hugs and xxx

  2. Oh wow, I want I want

    Thank you so much for leaving a lovely comment on my blog

    Have a great day!


    Bridie@BGPayne Crafts

  3. Great projects, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and good luck with the draw.

  4. Hi, Sara! Sounds like the perfect crafting scenario! LOL Nice and comfy. Your cards look fabulous! I don't own a cricut, and so admire the pretties everyone makes with it. Your cards look beautiful! hugs, de


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