Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentines Day - Minecraft Valentines Card

Ok so this is the second card I've made for my husband for valentines day (I love making him things). My husband has started playing Minecraft again so I had a great idea for a card. 

I made the heart on craft artist using squares to make the pixel design then added the text from a Minecraft text generator I found online. The sky and grass are screen shots I took from the game (Lee installed Minecraft on my computer so we can play together) and pasted these knot Craft Artist to print.

I added little shrink plastic pixel hearts for some extra embellishments (I shrunk the large heart a little and traced it onto shrink plastic then shrunk it).

This was quite a quick card as I knew what I wanted to do and being pixels it was so easy to cut the heart out.

A simple but cool card for a Minecraft fan.

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