Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Make your own embossing folder/sheet

I like adding texture to cards but sometimes want a specific pattern and can find some folders are too deep and make my card crack. I decided to have a go at making my own embossing sheet and the good news is it can be used even if you don't have an embossing or cutting machine.

My tutorial below uses my Cricut Mini. If you don't have an electronic cutting machine you can use cutting dies to make your pattern on a craft knife.

To make my heart embossing sheet I stuck Kraft card to my Cricut mat. I used Kraft card as it's quite thick and I know it cuts well in my Cricut (blade depth 5, pressure 4). I actually use masking tape to ensure it's stuck down as Kraft card doesn't seem to stick well on my mat. I could then see what size and positioning I needed on my Cricut Craft Room.

I decided on a heart background and chose a wonky heart as it looked a simple design to test this out on. I made my hearts1/2 inch tall and placed these in a diagonal pattern on the screen then hit cut.

When I comes out save the hearts from the middle as these can make embellishments or another style of embossing sheet (by sticking them to a sheet of card)

Now you can run this through your cutting/embossing machine or emboss by hand.

To use it in an embossing machine you need to make up a sandwich of plates the same way as if you were embossing a die (ie your plate, embossing tan mat, paper or card you want to emboss, you handmade embossing sheet then another plate) this gives a light emboss (depending on the thickness of your homemade embossing sheet)

My favourite way to use it is by using it in a similar way to an embossing board from Crafters Companion ultimate Pro. I put my handmade embossing sheet onto a craft mat (it needs to be a hard surface) then place your paper or cardstock ontop.  
For this example I used coredinations cardstock. I then got an embossing tool (from my ultimate pro) and lightly rubbed over the cardstock to reveal where the hearts were (This doesn't show on the other side so don't worry, as long as your not heavy handed)

I then rubbed my cards where each heart was so it embossed the paper. I carried on until I'd done all the hearts and ta-dah!

I can't wait to try this with other designs like Mickey Mouse ears! 

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