Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Bead Haul Prototype Box #beadhaul

In the past I have subscribed to Craft Creatives boxed and liked them but I didn't always like the themes and stopped subscribing when they changed their box from themes to projects. The Craft Creatives team recently made a prototype box available of their new Bead Haul box. I love making jewellery bits, and it's quite handy that my hubby works in that field too and can give me little hints and tips. I was really excited by this and signed up for the prototype and was really impressed.

Now I must apologise as I did get this box just over a month ago and even made some things on the day I got it, but forgot to get round to blogging about it!

Now I must point out that this box was a prototype to see what people thought about what was on offer and the box that came was pretty plain and non-branded (apart from the label that said it was a Bead Haul prototype) but I actually liked this as I buy the box for what's inside.

Sorry for the bad picture. This kit included the below:
  • head and eye pins
  • two shell wings
  • earring hooks
  • two necklace chains
  • jump rings
  • aqua beads
  • metal feather charms
  • bird charms (included single bird charms, two birds on a white/branch, birds in a hoop, and bird connectors)
  • aqua square beads
  • a tassel
  • two seagull wooden tile charms
  • bird buttons
  • stix 2 pick up pencil (this was a gift)
I liked the range of items and already have this antique gold colour in jewellery hardware which was handy. I also have a lot of aqua bits so I can mix it with my own bits I already have.

I liked the buttons however I wasn't sure they really fitted with the box, but will be using these in my sewing projects. I also realllllly didn't like the tassel, I've seen these a lot in DoCrafts kits at the moment and just don't like them or 'get' them, but that's just me. 

There were a few projects to try out online too which was good as it gave me a feel for what I could make, and then inspire me to make other projects. The first thing I made was the bird in the hoop infront of the aqua tile bead. At first I had no idea how this would work and thought maybe glue would be involved, but its made using a jump ring on the bird, and a jump ring on the tile and layering them on the necklace. I love it.

The next thing I made was this pair of earrings. I love wing things and thought these were beautiful. The only thing I would have liked is if they were opposites of each other (as in the pattern). They're really light weight too!
I then decided to get my jewellery making box out and found some chain, jump rings, a clasp and a little charm saying 'made with love' (shown below) and this is what I made.

One of the ideas was making earrings with the metal feathers however they are quite weighty and I'd worry about using them as earrings so I'm going to come up with another idea (maybe a bag charm). I can't weight to try some other projects with this kit and thought it was really well thought out.

I wasn't sure if I'd purchase the first 'official' box, however the theme has been revealed as FAIRYTAIL!!!!!  This has definitely swung it for me especially with my love of Disney and fairytales (as I write this I'm watching Once Upon a Time, and planning a trip to Disneyland Paris!). 

This box will be available to order from 1st November 2015 and will be priced at £12.50 with £2.50 postage, and delivered in early December. This can be purchased as a one off box, or brought as a subscription being delivered every 2 months. I think I will order the first box and see what it is like before I commit as I'm not a huge jewellery maker but like making things when I want a break from card making (especially around Christmas time!) More info can be found on

The actual boxes will also have more beads rather than findings which I'm really pleased with as you can buy findings sets quite easily and you won't be over run with findings (unless you want to be of course). Nothing worse than having hundreds of findings you don't want or use!

This box was purchased by myself and was a fair review based on my thoughts of the box. I do not get anything from #beadhaul in exchange for this review or via the link.

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