Sunday, 5 June 2011

Boux Avenue Stuff Arrived Wednesday

The gift box

Inside the gift box
I LOVE my new jumpsuit. I prefer it to my pale blue one as this one is a different material and doesn't act as velcro to the bed! It's so cosy!

I love the box it came in too and how it was packaged! It came with the lovely White Chiffon scented petals too!

If you like the White Chiffon scent (the smell you can smell in Boux Avenue Stores) they currently have 1/2 price off of their body washes, soaps, hand washes, body creams, hand creams. My mum kindly brought me the body wash and I brought the hand wash both of which are lovely!

I'm just waiting for my diffuser in my room to run out and then I'm buying the Boux Avenue White Chiffon reed diffuser, room scent and candle! (yes I'm going to town!... although it will cost me over £50.... as the diffusers are £20 each) but its so worth it!


  1. Hi,
    I love the white chiffon smell it's amazing and really want to get few of the reed defusers but I'm just wondering how strong are they? I got some body shop ones a while ago and was really disappointed how weak they smelt. Just don't want to but them and be disappointed again. Please let me know what was your experience with the boux avenue ones?

    1. Hi Kadri

      I didn't end up buying the reed defuser as my husband seems to always knock them over and get oil up the wall so we brought candles and the room spray which are lovely and not over powering. My Mum got a reed defuser and said she found it was fine and not to strong. I hope that helps


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