Sunday, 5 June 2011

Nails Inc - QVC Purchases - Update

My Nails Inc polishes came 2 days after ordering them and I was very happy with the colours. All bright and one dark brown one.

My sister currently has the pink shade (Strawberry Hill) as she is borrowing it.

I've so far now worn all the colours apart from Strawberry Hill as I gave it to my sister the day I got them.

This is Haymarket and is a nice bright plum colour.

Sorry photo is from my iphone so its not really bright on the photo and I have the living room light on as it's dark. I gave my mum my camera to take to Rome with her so sorry for the bad quality photo.

The other day I wore the green, Spring Mews, to work and its a brightish minty green and on co-worker said how bright it was! It certainly is brighter on your nails under bright lights.

This pictures is more like the actual colour. I quite like this colour and was looking for a colour like this for ages.

I really love these colours and have been wearing Nails Inc Soho Silk under them with Brixton topcoat which makes them nice and shiney.

The wear on them is usually 1 - 2 days with a bit of chipping and a lot of chipping if I wash my hair (strange but true). Although yesterday I wore the brown shade (Maple Street) and it chipped within a few hours :( and it was very noticable as its very dark brown, almost black looking in dull lit areas. I think it's mostly due to wearing the Soho Silk though as I find although it strengthens my nails, my varnishes slip off and peel quicker.

Really loving this set though, and for £19 it's amazing!

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