Sunday, 5 June 2011

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain

I saw this online and thought it looked nice and may help me out of the whole 'I want something on my lips but nothing sticky and I want it to last' problem.

I tried Avon's Ever Lasting Lipstick and Glosses but didn't like them and they didn't last.

I went into Boot and they had £2 off of this, but the problem was there were no samples and the colours all looked really bright. I'd taken my Fiance with me and he didn't really help me with advise on what colour to get (well what would he know about lipstains!) so I finally went with the palest/natural I could see which was Beloved.

I tried it when I got it and it was a bit tricky to apply with the nip, so I tilted it and used the side of the pen and this worked great as it was fast even coverage.

I left it to dry for 30 seconds and then put the balm on top. It looked great! I love this as the balm isn't sticky and I can still kiss my Fiance without him pulling a face due to sticky balms/glosses or rubbing his lips to take the lipstick off of him.

I've worn this a few times and it looks natural and brightens my lips as they are usually quite pale. It also usually lasts all day too which is great for work!

I'll definately be buying this again.

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