Saturday, 16 June 2012

Crafting Update

Well I'm sitting here with Spike (our hedgehog) on my lap and thought I'd update about silicone glue.

My order came on Friday and after worrying about the odour, it doesn't really smell much. I brought a white tube of the adhesive as a bidding war started on the Create and Craft silicone adhesive!

The tube came with a nozzle and it was quite hard to squeeze out so I think I may get a syringe for it but it does seem to be easier to use than sticky tabs. It takes some time to dry so it's not great to use for last minute cards. 

I'm trying to find out how to best clean the application nozzle as I searched online but can't find guidelines and ended up using water and a cocktail stick which got very messy!

Thinking forward to my next project, I saw a video on YouTube (above) about recovering a tray and remembered that we have a white tray that my husbands Nan gave to us when we moved it and it's plain white (wooden) so I'm thinking of going to The Range as they have a lovely cupcake wallpaper I could line it with. I'm hoping to go there soon and will post the results once done.

Happy Saturday

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