Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Leo Bancroft Hair Products

Ok I know this isn't craft based but this blog originally started as a cosmetics blog.

I have mega mega thick hair and it really doesn't like me at the moment and is just frizzy, unruly and blah!

I saw recently after following Leo on twitter that he had a range of hair products available exclusively in Tesco. I knew of Leo from his time on Channel 4's The Salon and from being on there myself (manicure with Georgina).

I don't usually shop at Tesco but make the trip there just to try out Leo's range (it was only a few minutes up the road).

The range has a number of different shampoos, conditioners and styling products and comes in a lovely purple and silver packaging. Shampoo and conditioners in this range are £4 each usually which is a great purse friendly price, but there was an offer on the range when I went (25th June) for 2 products for £6. I chose the shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair (for my newly plum dyed locks), serum and heat defence spray. The packaging has great hints and tips from Leo such as heat isn't coloured hairs best fried which I never knew so I'll be turning down the temperature!

The smell is really nice (I won't be told my hair smells like wet dog with this compared to when I tried Avon Naturals). It reminds me a little of Charles Worthington Dream Hair as its a very luxurious smell but not overpowering.

The shampoo lathers well and the conditioner felt lovely and silky. It was really easy to wash out too (my hair is so thick that some shampoos don't wash out easily and I'm left with residue in my hair).

I followed the shampoo and conditioner with the serum. It suggests a pea sized amount and due to my hair being so long and thick I ended up using 3 pumps. It wasn't sticky, greasy or oily (I hate when serums are so greasy that you can't get it off your hands). I then followed with the heat defence spray which was nice and light to apply.

After drying my hair it didn't seem frizzy at all, but I still had to straighten it as my hair is so thick and volumous so I sprayed some more heat spray and straightened my hair.

I love the results. My hair feels light, smooth and silky and has a lovely shine.

I have definitely found a new favourite hair brand!

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