Saturday, 30 June 2012

Papercraft Inspirations Shrink Plastic Freebies

Yesterday I received my second copy of Papercraft Inspirations from my subscription. Free this time was a sheet of shrink plastic with printed images.

I've never used this medium before but have seen it on tv craft shows and always fancied a go but didn't really want to have to buy the heat guns but only recently found out (in Papercraft Inspirations) that you can also do them in the oven!

I used my Promarkers to colour the images in yesterday at my parents (while making Spaghetti Bolognese) then cut them out once I got home and shrunk them this afternoon. I want sure how much they would shrink and the magazine made them look like they wouldn't shrink much based on the card pictures in the magazine but holding my shrunk items up to the magazine they are true to life sizings (so they must be small cards).

I had my items on the tray ready to put in the oven when my husband said he could probably use his blowtorch which had a heat gun setting. I gave him one of the dodgy bits of plastic (a butterfly button that had gone a bit wrong) and he tried shrinking it which worked well but it went a bit to melty and bubbly (and oval?!). We put the rest in the oven and in a few seconds had finished shrunken pieces!

They are really cool but not really designs I would use but it was a great first insight that I purchased the special promo deal from Handy Hippo! Plain and decorated shrink plastic and pens.

It saves you over £5 on Handy Hippos price and their site says it saves £10!

I'm looking forward to making some keyrings and charms with these.

The photos below show the items before shrinking, after, the butterfly which is my favourite one, and the difference between using a blowtorch/heat gun and the oven.

Update: 04/07/12
Handy Hippo pack came yesterday and made my husband a cute little keyring of him and his fav sandwich filling hehe

Before shrinking
After shrinking (they aren't arranged in the same way as when they went in the oven as I removed them to flatten them)
Shrunken butterfly
Left one made by my husband with the heat gun, the one on the right was done in the oven.
Keyring I made for my husband with the pack from Handy Hippo and Papercraft Inspirations

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