Tuesday, 12 March 2013

#CCBox9 has landed! SPOILER

When I found that CCBox9 had been posted on Monday I was all upset.....because I knew I had work Tuesday (today) and it would mean that my box would have to stay overnight in the sorting office waiting for me to collect it Wednesday but....due to the awful icy/snowy weather I had to take today off as holiday as it was too slippery for me to safely get to my car and to drive to work.

I have been waiting for Mr Postie alllll day and at 1pm I saw him walk past (can you tell I'm excited...I've not opened my box yet!) and stood in the hall waiting for him. He recently has not knocked with parcels (even when I've been in) and just left a card saying we weren't in so I was hoping that he actually knocked today and had the parcel....14 minutes later and the knock came on the door!

Now time to open my lovely box of goodies.....

I've just looked and I'm not going to lie.....I'm not really a fan of Steampunk :o( it's one of the only things I don't like and was a bit disappointed. I know quite a lot of people like Steampunk but it's just not for me. There are some nice bits in the box and I'll use them in someway I'm sure.

The box contains:
Art Card - from this I thought maybe it was a doll theme
CC Kit - Decoupage trinket box
3m Brown Leather Cord - may try and make a knotted bracelet with this
Pipe spacer beads
Crackle glaze
Metallic transfer foil - quite looking forward to using this on some cards
Bundle of leather scraps
Reel of wire
Bulb and clock charms
Lock clasps
Watch parts - My husbands a jeweller and works a lot with watches so may pretend I've taken one of his watches apart lol play a trick on him
Brown tweed fabric (can never have too much fabric! - bow tie for Bailey I think!)

It was a bit of an anticlimax for me but at least the steampunk box is out the way lol I'm sure others will love the box and the products are lovely and a high quality as usual, just not for me this month unfortuately.


  1. You'll probably find you can use a lot of the materials to make some fun things despite not being into steampunk. Box 4 (gothic) was initially a disappointment for me, themewise, but I found the separate ingredients gave me a lot of inspiration! While a few things here obviously scream the theme, others could be used to make some pretty modern things, like the pipe beads, leather, and wire! Good luck :D

    1. Thanks. I was telling my husband about the kit when he came in and he had no idea about steampunk but he seems to love the box as he is a jeweller and loves all things watches. I love the smell of the leather and think I'll be making some embellishments with them or something with them (my sewing machine doesn't do leather at the moment but have asked for a new one for my birthday next month).

      Also had an idea to make a cape for my parents puppy with the material.


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