Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Easter Egg Showdown - Cadbury v Aldi

A few weeks ago while watching Super Scrimpers they did a test on 3 Easter eggs: Cadbury, Lindt & Hotel Chocolat. I decided (after seeing Aldi was running a special on Easter eggs) to run my own taste test as I always go for Cadbury and everyone raves about Aldi chocolate (I've tried their hazelnut chocolate and its lovely).

Also living virtually next door to Aldi it was easy to source the chocolate.

We always have lots of chocolate in our house for emergencies, this includes some minstrels from 3 years ago which I must throw out (having just remembered).

Egg Statistics

Aldi - £2.99
Choceur Milk Chocolate Flame Egg 350g
Milk chocolate egg filled with a selection of chocolates
The selection of chocolates includes:
milk chocolate with apricot flavour centre
Almond nougat with cocoa pieces
Nougat in milk chocolate
Soft caramel covered with crisped rice and milk chocolate
Marzipan with almond in chocolate

Per 100g:
28.9g fat

Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons egg
99p at Aldi (brought on 13th march 2013)
Hollow milk chocolate egg with milk chocolate buttons.
Per 100g
30.1g fat

Nothing will be better than Cadbury in my eyes (or mouth) but the Aldi egg is really nice and compatible to Green & Blacks. The chocolates that came with the Aldi egg are amazing and I think due to that the Aldi egg is my favourite. I also love rhe packaging as each half of the egg was wrapped and the chocolates were in the middle. You would definitely think this egg would be in the higher priced section of a supermarket.

My verdict: Aldi egg (but mostly due to the chocolates inside) but the chocolate egg is still delicious and much nicer than other other supermarket ones I tried before. Nothing will match Cadbury as it has its own taste but overall Aldi was better.

While at Aldi I also brought some marzipan eggs for my Mum who loves marzipan (as I do) and her feedback was that they were lovely! Might have to buy some more!


  1. Yay you did the post on it after! Great post, I may have to try an Aldi egg myself, such a bargain! x

    1. Thanks. I think the Aldi egg is worth buying just for the yummy chocolates inside especially if you like marzipan. I did make a bit of a fool of myself thought in Aldi as I don't go in that much and tried to pay with a credit card (my debit and credit look the same) and it wouldn't go through! You also get much more chocolate with the Aldi egg too so it lasts much longer lol


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