Tuesday, 12 March 2013

My New Cushion Cover using freebies and Crafty Creatives bits

Over the last few weeks I've been working on a cushion cover using bits and bobs I had laying around, mostly from free gifts. This started after getting a cross stitch from Simply Homemade which they showed on a cushion in the magazine. I did the cross stitch over a few evenings while watching TV with my husband and then got to work making it into a cushion cover.

I had some lovely fabric from Crafty Creatives box 8 which I used on the back of the cushion and for the front I used some Tilda fabric squares which I got as part of a subscription gift from Simply Homemade magazine.

To frame the cross stitch I used some Tilda ribbon and buttons.

The only thing I brought was the zip for the cover, and the cushion was an old one from round my parents house (it's quite small so perfect to go behind my back in my tub chair).

I was a bit annoyed that I didn't line the front up properly as the cross stitch isn't right in the middle but I wasn't following a pattern and was just having a play around with the fabrics but I do like the final result.

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