Saturday, 15 June 2013

Crafty Creatives Box 12! #Ccbox12 Finally arrived

My box finally arrived (I usually get it the day after its posted and mine didn't get to the postman until yesterday so finally got it today)

I did break and looked at spoilers on Thursday as someone posted a link on Facebook and the photo showed up of the art card and I was drawn in!

This months theme is 'The Treat Box' 

This is the best box so far! Don't know if anything will top it.

This months box contains 
CC Kit - sewing hoop with cross stitch (took me a lot of swearing to get the hoop apart but luckily it was easy to assemble after)
3 cake slice charms - love these!!! No idea what to do with them but after looking on the Cut Enough To Eat etsy shop I'm thinking wine glass charms
Cupcake cross grain ribbon - LOVE THIS! Hair bows clips? 
'M' print cabochons - mine are pink, purple and blue 
Fat quarter Paris macaroon fabric
Stix2 alteration tags - already have some still in their packet but saving for Christmas wrapping
Biscuit cutter - butterfly 
Recipe card
Juicy beads
Craft papers 
Ice cream buttons (thinking of making bows with these in the centre)

 Out of all of it there is only one thing I'm not keen on (the juicy beads) but I'm sure I'll find something to make with them for my little cousin.

My favourite thing from this box is by far the material. I want more!!!!! It's Paris Macaroon fabric and I'm thinking of making another cafetier cosy (I made my parents a Cath Kidston one a few years ago and then was asked to make one for a friend too).

I'm going to use the 'm' print cabochons for earrings and brought some stud eating posts last night along with some other jewellery findings. 

I made the craft papers into little envelopes to put on cards as embellishments using my CraftersCompanion  Ultimate Pro 

I've been very good and have 'filed' away this months box's contents so I know where all the bits are and don't have  boxes everywhere. 

Now off to feed hubby (and myself) then chillax in my chair with the cross stitch from this months box :) 

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the envelopes! Such a great idea! Glad you like the cake charms! <3


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