Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Stamps, stamps and a few more stamps!

I apologise for the lack of blogging! I've been doing a lot of crafting but forget to take photos of it and post. 

Recently I brought a huge bundle of unmounted stamps as I'd been wanting more for my card making and always stick to the same kind of thing. When I got the stamps I wasn't sure exactly what designs I'd be getting as the picture was just showing a mound of rubber. I was so excited when I got them to find out what designs were in there and I was so pleased. There were different themed designs including Christmasy ones and lots of cool characters. 

I then had to set about cutting the stamps to shape and finding out how on earth you mount rubber stamps. I won a Mulberry Wood stamp from Crafters Companion last year and they suggested either using EZ Mount or Stick and Spray but I ended up using some doublesided tape on the stamp I won (which didn't work well). This time I wanted to do it properly so brought Stick and Spray and some Crafters Companion Rock-a-Blocks. Rock-a-Blocks for those who don't know, are slightly curved stamp mounts you can use instead of normal acrylic blocks. The rocking motion means that you could get a perfect image every time. 

Stick and Spray is a re-positionable adhesive spray.
You need to put the stamp (or what ever you want to make tacky) onto some scrap paper, shake the can then spray on the back of the spray. DO NOT spray it on the etched side of the stamp, ie the design.......yes I got a bit tired of stamping, didn't think and sprayed the wrong side! Luckily it washed off. You then need to wait 30 seconds until the adhesive stops being wet and is tacky.

Then you just need to attach your stamp to the block! Ta-da! Then just tap the ink onto the stamp (making sure you don't get it on the ink on the side of the block then it's ready to use!

 What I didn't realise is that the tackiness of the Stick and Spray stays on the stamp and it can be repositioned up to 50 times! So for storing my stamp I stuck my stamps onto plastic packaging and acetate, ready to use the stamps again when needed.

I really like using the rubber stamps as they don't stretch or squish like the see-through stamps you get. I also love the Stick and Spray so much I think I'll get the permanent one, Stick and Stay, for when I have thin diecuts to stick, especially at Christmas.

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