Friday, 14 June 2013

Vinylux Nail Varnish .... does it last 7 days?

 I recently heard about a new weekly nail polish which lasts up to 7 days so couldn't wait to give it a try and my nail varnish lasts a maximum of 2  days without chipping (and thats only if I've washed my hair before I do my nails as that causes my nail varnish to chip).

Vinylux is made by the people who do shellac polish but with this you don't need a uv lamp or any special equipment. I went for the mini pack with four colours and a top coat which was £20 rather than paying around £16 for one large colour.

 With Vinylux you need put the coloured polish on bare nails and then put the top coat on and the whole thing dried in under 9 minutes (which is the best bit in my opinion).

The colour looked good but the polish is quite thin so all ridges showed through so I took it off and smoothed my nails before repainting them.
The above polish lasted for ....... less than 24 hours before chipping.....NOT GOOD! I hadn't even done anything strenuous!

I tried again and also painted my sisters nails, this time in a different colour. I made sure that I ensured the tips of my nail were sealed in and it lasted a little bit longer, around 2 days before chipping (the below is after 3 days)

 My opinion on Vinylux....nice colours and it does what it says....lasts UP TO 7 days so technically 2 days is fairplay. I wouldn't buy it again though

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