Wednesday, 28 August 2013

72 Spectrum Noirs and Counting!

This time last year I won a competition on the Spectrum Noir twitter account and recieved my first pack of Spectrum Noir pens. Previously I'd used ProMarkers but after trying SN's I changed my Christmas list on Amazon very quickly! Nearly a year on and I have 72 SN's with another pack on the way (slight error on my part as I ordered pinks instead of reds so had to put in another order whoops!)

Before I use to store them in the box they came in (the big packs) and in pencil cases (for the ones from the smaller packs) but I saw Nikky Hall on Create & Craft and they had Stix2 pen rolls. I do want to get the Spectrum Noir clear storage at some point but haven't the room so brought 2 Stix2 rolls so I can put all the colours in order for ease when shading. These rolls are also great for can keep your pens horizontal as instructed. I can now take my pens wherever I want easily and colour in the living room without dropping my pens on the way or having to pick my favourites.

I didn't realise until I put my pens in order how many greys I have! I started with icy greys but every pack has seemed to have other greys in too but they are really handy for shadows, edging around coloured images and colouring things that at black (ie the tones). 

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