Monday, 26 August 2013

Whoops been a bit quiet

My blogs been a bit quiet mostly due to holidays, tidying and sorting my craft room out and preparing new dog bandanas ahead of the dog show in September. I've also not made many cards as I've been trying to make the most of the sunshine. I would craft outside but our patio/balcony area is below everyone else's balconies above us so if they decide to water their plants I'd get wet (and more annoyingly my crafting would get wet!) 

Before I went on holiday I recieved two craft 'prizes' (a matter of days before my holiday so they haven't been played with yet). These were a craft pack after being featured in Papercraft Inspirations magazine letters page with a tiered cake card (below)
The other prize was some really pretty fat quarters from Tula Pink from a Loce Quilting and Patchwork magazine competition. I'm thinking of making a cushion similar to the below (a screenshot from the competition itself)

I had a lovely holiday with my husband to Wells and visited Bath and Longleat Zoo while there. I surprised myself while at the zoo as I won't go into reptile houses but at Longleat they have a handling area and its really big and light so I headed in to have a look (it also said 'Exit' so kind of needed to go that way). While in there I decided I wanted to hold a snake....the girl would wont go and look at reptiles decided to hold one?!?! What came over me? I did ask the zoo keeper to hold its head as I was scared I'd wimp out but it was ok but felt really weird feeling its body moving 
I look a bit rubbish in the photo but very proud of my accomplishment!

I'm still a wimp though....look what my husband had to do to the Weetabix box due to my stupid irrational fear of sharks

Well I'm off to sit down with a coffee and mini Maryland cookies :) I promise ill show more crafting creations now I'm back and (kind of) organised

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