Sunday, 3 November 2013

Personalised Cufflink Tutorial

This year I'm making my own crackers so wanted to make some gifts to go inside. Gifts for the girls are easy but I had to get my thinking cap on for the boys. This is where I came up with the idea of making cufflinks. I managed to buy some cufflink blanks on eBay along with clear cabochons. The cufflink blanks I brought were 18mm circles with a rim so they work with cabochons. 
These cufflink blanks worked out to under 70p a pair. 
The cabochons were around £2 for 10.

I've made personalised cufflinks for some of my crackers which I won't post on here (in case they see them) so I'll show you below using fabric but will also explain how to use photos/pictures/text.

You will need:
Cufflink blanks with a rim for cabochons 
The correct size cabochons for your cufflinks (mine were 18mm circles)
Glue (I used collall all purpose as recommended by Beaders Companion)
Fabric or patterned paper - or images on a computer, printer and paper.

If you are using images from your computer, to get the right size changed your screen zoom to 100%. I used CraftArtist to sort my pictures but you can also use Word (copy the picture into Word). With the zoom on 100% you can hold your cabochon up to the screen and resize the picture until it fits the cabachon (as at 100% you will be able to see exactly the size it will print). When you've got the right sizing print this out onto good quality paper or matt photo paper and print at a high quality setting. I tried printing on normal paper but as my pictures were detailed and so small it got a bit fuzzy but it was fine on matt photo paper) 

Now whether your using fabric, patterned paper or printed images you will need to get a cabachon and put a bit of glue on the flat side and then stick this on your image/fabric in the position you want. If you are using fabric put a nonstick mat under it or the glue can go through the fabric and stick to whatever's under it. 

Now leave it dry

Once dry cut the excess fabric/paper from round the cabachon (much easier once stuck and dry as fabric won't fray plus it's very hard to damage the image/fabric under the cabachon)

Now put a bit if glue in the cufflink blank but not too much as it does spread and will come out the sides. 

Now press the cabachon into the cufflink blank and wipe away any excess glue (or rub the glue off if using collall all purpose)

Leave to dry and ta-dah 

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