Saturday, 1 March 2014

Finished Sewing Projects!

After getting my material order this morning in the post from The Makery (see previous post) I set about making a new cushion cover for my seat cushion. 

I also made a new cushion cover for a small cushion as the current cover got a small tear in. I unstitched the old zip to use in my new cushion which was really easy. 

I also used the small piece or fabric from the goody bag to make a cube for Spike (our Pygmy hedgehog) to play with. 
This is Spike (looking right into the camera)
Here he is asleep on my lap - aww

The finished play cube!

I'll find out in the morning if he has played with it (he likes moving thing around at night in his cage) - update...we've not caught him with it but it's certainly being played with

It was nice playing with my sewing machine again as I haven't got it out since before Christmas. I still have some fabric left from my order and lots of fat quarters in my stash so I'm going to start some other projects and also get round to making hubby's pj trousers from the Great British Sewing Bee book (made my Dad a pair last summer but not got round to Lee's)


  1. The cushions are so nice. Isn't that fabric so nice to sew with. Can we see a picture of Spike? xx

    1. Thank you :) yes it's so lovely and the pattern makes it so easy to line up.

      I've updated the post with photos of Spike - he seems to like his new toy :)


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