Wednesday, 5 March 2014

My Next Sewing Project

Agh The Great British Sewing Bee has a lot to answer for! After my Wednesday morning viewing of last nights episode I want to make clothes desperately! Last week I ended up making a cushion cover and this week I've decided to make a dress from a pattern I brought last year. 

This is a Simplicity pattern (1699) and looks such a lovely summery dress I think  with the current sunny weather I'll have lots of reasons to get this dress made. 

I've purchased the zip, hook and eye and interfacing and hopefully will be getting my fabric tomorrow. All I need now is a cutting table lol but the kitchen table will have to suffice. 

Having just read the pattern it looks complicated but I'm sure when I have the pieces infront of me it will make sense as the same happened with the pj trousers I made from TGBSB book.

Now just to decided tomorrow what fabric to go for! I was thinking grey or pink plain fabric but it would look lovely in a floral print (just have to ensure I pattern match ok)

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