Saturday, 10 January 2015

Blanket Project for 2015

I've decided to make a patchwork knitted blanket as I fancy making a blanket but get disillusioned when making bigger projects plus I have lots of little balls of wool left from knitting premature baby blankets. Each square is 23 stitches by 37 rows and takes just over an hour for me so it's easy to make one square an evening or two (dependent on kittens attacking the needles)

The pattern I'm using is:
Cast on 23 stitches
Row 1 - 3: knit
Row 4: knit 2, purl 19, knit 2
Row 5: knit
Rows 6 - 34: repeat row 4 on even numbered rows, repeat row 5 on odd numbered rows.
Rows 35 - 37: knit rows
Cast off

So far I've done 4 squares, one white, one pink, one purple and one striped with all three colours (as I wanted to finish off the pink and purple). I'm currently working on a blue square while writing this. I'm not looking forward to sewing all the squares together....but at least I'll have something nice at the end. I'm going to do 25 squares then see how I go and I might make it bigger. 

(Yes I'm in my car, knitting while my husband is in his guitar lesson)

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