Sunday, 18 January 2015

Iron on Vinyl Baby Grows

Before I had my Cricut Explore I'd brought some Cricut Iron-on Vinyl to use with my Cricut Mini which I'd never used (but had a project in mind) and recently a work colleague has had a baby so thought it would be the perfect excuse to try out the Iron-On Vinyl. I also had a sample of white iron-on vinyl in my Cricut Explore pack.

I brought a pack of three baby grows from Asda for £3, so each one cost £1. Rather than getting the newborn size I opted for 3 - 6 months as I know how much newborn clothes parents buy themselves, and people buy for them once the babies born, it also gave me a chance to make the items and get them sent before they're too big for them.

The thing I love with Cricut Canvas is that you can choose what 'canvas' you're going to put your artwork onto so you get the right sizing and can visualise it and included in this is a baby grow and it even suggests the sizes based on ages.

I had a flick through the Cricut subscription list and found some great word-art in a comic book style which I thought would be great. I also chose a Mickey Mouse shape with 'oh boy!' written in it from the Mickey and Friends cartridge I have, and then finally I made a design with a star and 'Woody' on (the name of the new baby).

I'm glad I read the instructions as I would have put the Vinyl shiny side up, but this is actually a sticky transfer tape and you have to reverse the design before cutting so it cuts on the back of the vinyl the right way. 

It cut really easily, but when it came to peeling it off I was worried as it didn't seem to have cut through the vinyl properly, but that was just the way I'd tried to pull it off! Phew! It made it much easier using my weeding tool from the Cricut tool set.

I realised that the comic book words were a bit too long to fit nicely on the baby grow so I chopped off the bottom two but can use these for other projects at a later date.

I thought I'd be clever and use my mini-iron instead of getting my normal iron out, as the small one could be used just where needed, but unfortunately it just wasn't hot enough.

To use the vinyl you have to first iron the area you're going to put the vinyl on, to heat it up, and then place the vinyl on and iron. It was really easy with a normal iron and took no time at all.

Here are the final baby grows. Sorry for the bad light. I was doing it in the kitchen and had the iron on the side cooling and didn't want to leave it in case a kitten went near it.

I'm really pleased with how these turned out. They have a really professional finish and feel really nice.

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