Sunday, 1 May 2011

Nail Varnishes that don't work together

Not sure if it's just me but I find certain nail varnishes don't work together. I use OPI mostly and Nails Inc. I brought an Essie polish via a blog sale and put it onto my nails which had dried OPI Nail Envy on, then put Sally Hansen top coat on, 1 hour later and I touched my nail and the varnish was all soft! Tried it again and same thing! Today I put the Essie polish onto bare nails then put Sally Hansen top coat on and it's fine! Essie must not work with OPI or at least Nail Envy.

Had this happen before with other polishes and it's so annoying! I now try and stick to one make but had to get the Sally Hansen topcoat for use with my Avon polishes as they don't yet do a top coat.

Heyho happy I finally have my mint green nails sorted!

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