Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Essie Polishes

I usually use OPI or Nails Inc polishes, and the odd Avon polish (I'd use more but there are no base coats available yet).. but anyway a few weeks ago a blog had a sale and I saw a lovely minty green colour polish (I've wanted a minty green for ages!) and it was Essie, not a brand I'd used before but thought I'd give it a try.

The first time I used it I used it with OPI Nail Envy Base and a OPI top coat but it didn't dry after a few hours and although touch dry, when I rubbed it it folded up and just came off. I took it off and tried again (I was watching the Royal Wedding at the time and had nothing else to do) and used no base coat, and a Sally Hansen topcoat and it was fine.

I'm trying it today with Nails Inc Soho Silk base under it as my nails need a bit of TLC and I'm hoping it will dry.

I find that some nail varnishes dont like other varnishes but when I mention it to people they think I'm strange..... I know for a fact they menitoned it on QVC once when they use to sell Special FX polishes and they would only work with their own kind, but I find it very strange!

I may buy an Essie 3 in one base, treatment and top coat but I'll see as I only have this one Essie polish at the moment and it's ok but I find the brush a bit thin and the polish reminds me of tippex as it's quite thick and goes on streaky so I have to do 2 coats but it may be my technique and not having the proper Essie base coat.

Fingers crossed this dries..... Lee wants to watch a film and I've not put a top coat on yet but will wait for this to completely dry first!

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