Tuesday, 31 May 2011

I LOVE Boux Avenue!!! (yes I love them even more since I won something from them!)

I love my Lee jumpsuit I purchased from Boux Avenue in April. It's a pale blue jumpsuit for lounging/sleeping in. I brought it mostly for Wednesdays when I'm off work and have lots of deliveries so I can jump out of bed and answer the door, or sit around and wait for the Ocado man to come before I jump in the shower (they always come earlier if I'm in the shower!)

I didn't think my fiance would really like it but he did (I was worried it would look like a romper suit!)

I don't wear it all the time but I must admit the first few days I had it, it would be put on as soon as I got in from work (when Lee was in the shower) so Lee would only see me in the jumpsuit lol. I did wean myself off of it, but it is lovely to come in from work and chuck on. The only downside is if your chilly and put a dressing gown on top on over it, you get a bit chilly if you need the loo as you have to take that off to take the straps down on the jumpsuit.

I thought this would be great for when we get married, as I can have my hair and make-up done while wearing it and not worry about ruining my hair when I take the jumpsuit off!

It's also great if Lee needs a lift to work, I just chuck ugg boots on and a hoody and no one is any the wiser! It just looks like I have jogging bottoms on!

A few weeks ago I saw that the jumpsuit was coming out in a new colour! I was tempted to buy it but wasn't sure if I should really spend £74 on 2 jumpsuits in a month..... (they're £32 each) but then saw a competition on twitter from Boux Avenue and thought I'd give it a go.... and I won!!!!

My new grey mix Lee boyfriend jumpsuit is in the post and on it's way to me! I'm hoping it comes tomorrow when I'm off... if so I will be wearing my blue jumpsuit to great the postman!

Not sure i can get away with going out in it since my new one is leopard print but definately will be wearing it when I get home Thursday night (if it comes tomorrow lol)

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