Monday, 9 July 2012

Craft stash storage using old Glossyboxes

I subscribe to Glossyboxes and currently have my craft bits in 4 of them.

Box 1 - Promarkers
Box 2 - card blanks
Box 3 - finished cards
Box 4 - toppers (mostly things from craft magazines)

I've seen on a few cosmetic blogs that people have made drawers from the boxes and use this to store their make up in but I have another use for mine...

My husband (nearly wrote fiancé, still not used to calling him my husband) made some room yesterday for me in the study as I am turning the living room into a craft room! Sizzix dies all over the place, boxes on chairs and under them! I thought I'd make this set of drawers as a neat storage item in the study so everything is in one place without boxes falling over.

I used the below blog for instructions on how to make the drawers:

I used silicone adhesive rather than superglue and then tapped everything in place to hold it more securely.

My boxes are all different colours but it doesn't matter as I want to cover mine with craft paper I have from magazines. As you will see from the photos, the top tray has the word 'cards' stamped on it and some drawers have marks on them from colouring on top of them so that's another reason I'm covering them.

I put glossybox ribbon loops on the drawers for handles and punched holes and threaded the ribbon through as the drawers are a tight fit and glued on ribbon would just come off when pulled.

The only thing I would like with these drawers would be to add runners as if you take the bottom drawer all the way out, the top ones would fall down but it's not to bad as I will just move the drawers around.

I'm going to use the top tray for my adhesives and scissors as they are then on hand whenever I need them. The other drawers I will use for my pens, card blanks and toppers. I have another spare box for my finished cards so I can store them separately.

The photos show the progress so far before I cover it with papers and the final product!

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