Sunday, 15 July 2012

Craft Adhesives

I seem to be forever collecting craft adhesives but still don't have the one I want for the job!

I have tacky PVA glue which is good for gems and ribbons, silicone adhesive for decoupage and gems, pritt stick type glue for flat items, roller adhesive and double sided tape for layering backgrounds and big bits, sticky square foams for decoupage and copydex for materials. 

I am still to find an adhesive that will allow me to stick paper onto card to use for decoupage that doesn't make the paper curl. For example in some magazines you get toppers within the magazine which I stick onto card to cut out and use, and recently there were some digital downloads printed free with a craft magazine but they were on paper and too flimsy, but as soon as I stuck them on card it make the card curve. Even pritt stick has a similar effect or doesn't glue all the way up to the side properly.

Does anyone have any suggestions? 

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