Sunday, 29 July 2012

Papercraft Inspirations Decoupage Free Gift

In this months Papercraft Inspirations the free gift is a decoupage booklet by Crafters Companion and a pair of decoupage scissors.

Papercraft Inspirations is the only magazine I subscribe to and did so after only one issue. I love how they give you a booklet and free gift each month so you can discover new crafting techniques.

I've done decoupage before but my cutting out is awful, this was before I tried using the decoupage scissors! My normal scissors are small fiskars ones and just thought it was my fault I couldn't cut thing neatly. I'd never heard of decoupage scissors but they have really think sharp tips to cut really finely and thin blades to glide smoothly round shapes. The kit has three A5 designs, seaside, playroom and outside a house with cobbled streets. All bits were easy to cut, although due to the small scissors it was uncomfortable by the third set I cut out (I'm guessing usually most people could only cut one design at a time).

I've not made the cards yet, just cut the bits out due to lack of foam pads but have purchased a silicone glue syringe which should be here soon as I find it better than the fiddly squares (and cheaper).

Once the cards are made I'll try and upload photos. (update, photos of these cards can be seen on the blog post entitled 'Busy Busy Busy', unfortunately I was in a rush getting them ready for my friends charity tea party so forgot, while making them at midnight, to take individual photos)

*this blog was written while drying my hair (I'm very good at multitasking).

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