Saturday, 1 September 2012

Woohoo - I won another crafty prize

...but this time for my sister :)

DoCrafts had their weekly Facebook competition where you have to say what you would do with the crafty prize.

Last weeks was a complete card kit which I thought would be perfect for my sister. She likes helping me make cards but with this kit everything is there for her. I sent my entry into DoCrafts explaining this and while my sister was round on Wednesday I got an email to say I'd won!

The prize came this morning and is so lovely! Everything comes in a pink gingham box and includes preprinted backgrounds on each card, toppers, verses and gems. I've not opened it as I'm being good since I've won it for my sister but can't wait for the grand unveiling on Wednesday with her.

Now to cross my fingers and hope my luck wins me the lottery! (first item on my shopping list if I win is a house with space for a hydrotherapy pool, and a hydrotherapy pool. I'd also love to open a hydrotherapy pool for the public as they're so few and far between and help people with muscle weakness and other disabilities)


  1. Hi from Bloggers!! I see we were both featured today so I wanted to come say hello!! What a lovely blog!! I love diys!! Although they usually turn into diy fails!! haha!! Have a great day!!

    1. Hi

      Thanks for popping by and checking out my blog.


  2. oh that's nice ! ^.^ I'm your new follower. Hope you follow me back!


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