Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Crafty Creatives Box 3 #ccbox3

Yesterday my Crafty Creatives box arrived! Luckily the knock on the door woke me up as I'd over slept (luckily I wasn't at work that day but had to get up to get ready to drive to London for the hospital).

I opened my box quickly while getting ready, saw it was oriental and read that there was 4 metres of red card..... I wondered why and then realised it was red CORD!

When I got back home after my shopping trip.... Sorry hospital trip (my hospitals are both nearly nice shops) I looked at the box quickly while my husband went to get the Chinese for dinner and laughed when I saw the fortune cookie which I put on his place (when he got in I told him to 'eat the f***ing cookie, owner not waitress' from Mickey Blue Eyes).

Above shows the contents of the box which included red cord, a red wooden bead, replica coins, Japanese peel-offs, origami papers, needles, wooden doll peg, red dragon material, a fortune cookie (eaten already...whoops, so it's not in the picture), symbols, new year papers and the kit! I'm thinking of making a doll with a kimono with the red material but not 100% sure yet.....
The kit contained everything to make a little note book. I've just made mine and it took an hour to make (I did it while my sister was on her driving lesson).

I did mine a little different and perforated the paper so I can tear the pages out if I like.
This is what came in the kit, plain paper, string, patterned card and a bamboo skewer.

The paper and card after cutting to size
Perforating each piece of paper for the inside of the book
I then had to make holes in each piece of card and paper and used the needles from box 3 (which was really handy and meant I didn't have to get my sewing box out). I used the square of foam I use for stamping as a base to help push the needle through.

I then used the curved needle to sew the thread through the pad. The circular one was really easy to thread through.
My finished notebook! I knotted it on the back and glued it and then the knot came undone :o( so got the trusty pin-flair silicone glue out!

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