Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Another purchase from Create and Craft...but it was needed!

I got my Create and Craft membership a month ago and although I don't usually like couriers delivering (and Create and Craft use couriers) however so far the couriers have actually left items with out neighbours which I am grateful for, but still don't really like having to rely on them (so far of the three items order, only two have had to be given to my neighbours, two different ones).

The items I've brought from them were some SWALK decoupage toppers, the free members gift of Kanban Christmas toppers and some card blanks. 

Last night I happened to log onto their website and saw that the pick of the day was some Kanban toppers in a set for men and a set for women. I thought the set for mens cards looked good from just the picture on the site (shown below) but was kind on trying to be good and not actually buy and more craft things for the moment, although I find it hard to find things for mens cards and I think people will get bored soon getting the same mens cards all the time!

This morning I ended up buying it and then an hour later watched the show and saw it had just sold out! So very glad I got it as it looks like a really set of toppers and backing sheets. There are 40 sheets in total with toppers and backing papers with images of golf, rugby, football, gardening, cars, music and many more! One set of toppers is very Ed Hardy with some black glittery skulls.

I can't wait to get this and start making some nice mens cards! At the moment my mens cards are very plain and usually just have 'happy birthday' on or some mice blowing out a cake! 

The set was only £22.49 and there are so many toppers I'm not going to be stuck for male cards for a very very very long time!

If you want to buy this set, they are still selling the 'so macho' set along with the ladies set 'so feminine' at the blockbuster price of  £31.48 for club members here which is great value (I only needed male toppers so thats why I didn't get the joint offer)

Kanban have such quality die cuts and you just need to cut the little notches out and the images virtually all have foiling or glitter on too. I can't wait to get these and make some cards! I'll post when I've got them and show some of the things I've made.

Images from Create & Craft TV

Images from Create & Craft TV

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